The huge popularity behind the standing seam roof in Qatar

Posted by TSSC on August 23rd, 2021

The deadly heat of Qatar might make you want to stay indoors for a long time. However, have you ever considered that the air cooler bills would reach the sky and insulation is definitely an important aspect? That’s the reason why a standing seam roof in Qatar is ideally important to keep the building cool and the indoor temperatures in check. Although the sandwich panels in Qatar work efficiently to keep the walls insulated, but roofing is more important. There are plenty of other roofing systems that are recommended, but the seam roof is an ideal choice for a variety of reasons. Here are a few things to note why you should choose the seam roof and ignore the other options.


Thermal insulation

With extremes of temperature, thermal insulation is now a necessity and not a luxury. Insulation helps to maintain an ideal indoor temperature by restricting the flow of air. Insulation starts from the roof and that’s why it gets recommended to have a cool roof above your head. The standing seam roof in Qatar is also called the ‘Cool Metal Roof’ as it has unique cooling pigments to reflect the heat back into the atmosphere. Since the roof does not allow heat absorption, the exterior surface remains cool for a relatively long time and the temperature inside doesn’t get affected. Made with advanced technologies and innovative new ideas, the scorching rays of the Sun and intense heat cannot affect the high-quality seam roof panels.

Energy efficiency

When you talk about insulation, the energy efficiency factor cannot be missed. The insulated roof panels reflect heat and prevent its absorption from helping maintain a cool indoor temperature. Due to good levels of insulation by the roofing system and the sandwich panels in Qatar, the air coolers don’t need to function 24x7, which in turn reduces energy consumption. The low energy consumption leads to lower utility bills that help you make savings for the long haul. In addition, a well-insulated building ensures that the indoor temperature stays cool for around 10 to 12 hours without air coolers.

Durable and easy to maintain

The standing seam roof is also called the lifetime roof. The seam roof lasts for at least 60 years with no replacements or repair works. If you compare traditional and contemporary roofing solutions, then the standing seam roof wins the race in durability. Made with high-end technology, the lightweight roofs are sturdy, long-lasting, and fire-resistant, having a higher resilience than all others. The airtight roofing system is waterproof, weatherproof, impact-resistant and extremely easy to maintain. Yearly professional cleaning is all that’s necessary to maintain the roof panels. In addition, the roof is resistant to wind uplifts and stands strong in extreme weather conditions.

Customize the roof panels

An aesthetically pleasing building is in demand nowadays. However, people do not go for ready-made structures because they have issues with fittings and visual aesthetics. That’s why the standing-seam roofs are always customized to suit the specific needs of the project. The custom-made solutions may vary in design, cut, color, shape, size, and thickness. The roofing panels are durable and a one-time investment plan that won’t fail you. Customized ensures greater strength, durability, weather resistivity and fire resistance. The customized rooftops manufactured by reputed engineers and builders ensure their quality.

Come to TSSC Group

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