Addressing your Kinks: What sort of things turn you on?

Posted by Lewis on August 23rd, 2021

When it comes to the spectrum of human sexuality, one thing that is undeniable is how vast it truly is. Whilst it would be easy to say that there are only a few categories that sexual interest falls into, this is just not the case. There is a whole range of kinks and sexual activities that can heighten the intrigue of any hot-blooded individual. Whilst some of the activities may make you feel a little uneasy, there are others that may suit you and your sexual partners perfectly. Instead of feeling embarrassed about your sexual interests., which honestly would be a complete waste of time, why not just embrace it?

Your sexuality and fetishes are something that is personal to everything individual. They are completely natural and should be celebrated instead of hidden away. You will always be able to find a like-minded individual out there who is ready to accept you for who you are. You just need to find them! Take your time in getting to know your kinks and your own body. With a little self-love and a little respect from others, you will find yourself feeling more and more confident about yourself and what genuinely can make you feel excited.

Why are Kinks actually a bad thing?

It Is strange that in a world full of different tastes in romantic preference, that there is still an overriding feeling of negativity when it comes to discussing different sexual kinks out in the open. People feel too embarrassed to discuss their interests due to an overriding sense of shame. They feel like the world will judge them for their interests. Although this is something that you may hear in everyday conversation, whether it is an insulting jest about someone’s porn preference or perhaps a negative reference that is made in a classic book, it is something that should not be tolerated.

As long as you are not hurting anyone through your kinks, and it is entirely consensual between you and another person, then what you enjoy doing in your privacy should not be the concern of anyone else. The reason why people tend to classify kinks as inappropriate or negative is due to their hidden stigmas attached to the idea of being dirty or rude. That is why appropriate conversation just is not fit for handling such a sensitive topic. Because of this, even if you are approaching a sexual situation or are merely discussing the ideas of what you like, for instance with a Beautiful London Escort with, you may still feel embarrassed about the situation as a whole. What matters is that you should judge the conversation based on how well you know the person, rather than sexuality being an impossible subject to include in a normal conversation. You can find which are the best London escorts using Sex City Guide.

Although you cannot bring up the idea of kinks and sexuality in all conversations, they should certainly not have the stigma attached to them that they do right now. So dispel the stigma, for it is time to consider what sort of kink would best fit you and your own passionate interests.

The Kink Catalogue


One of the most common forms of sexual conduct between partners is in relation to the Domination and Submission. Whilst you may think this is a more gentle kink, it certainly can fire up the loins if it is experienced in a more intense form of BDSM or humiliation/pain play.

The Dominant Partner will enjoy taking control of the Submissive Partner through different sexual activities. It can either be in forms of physical activity, such as through handcuffs and bondage or through mental requests, such as through obeying commands, humiliating nicknames or even through disobedience training (such as slapping or spanking.) The Submissive will accept this behaviour (as long as they are comfortable with it) and feel sexual liberation through the idea of being dominated. This is why they will consent to the humiliation play because it provides them with a sense of freedom. They allow someone else to take control, and thus, this provides both parties with the power play that allows them sexual release they both desperately crave.

Domination and Submission can suit all sorts of relationships. Whether you enjoy Vanilla Dom/Sub play through just a blindfold and handcuffs or want something more intense with straps and humiliation, there is always something that will be able to allow each partner to release themselves. What is most important about this sort of kink/relationship is the communication needed to maintain it. As long as you discuss what sort of sexual activities you want through this place, and come to a consensus on what you want, as well as to who will be the dom/sub in the play (as you can also have a Switch Relationship), then you will always have a happy outcome in the bedroom.

Roleplay and Costumes

Another Kink that you may find commonly in the bedroom is Roleplay and Costume Play. After all, vanilla sex can only get a couple so far without them getting bored. Sex is about erotic fantasies and bringing them to light. For Joshua Klapow, PhD clinical psychologist,

\\\\\"Role-play is simply an opportunity to escape our own reality. By labelling it in a formal way we are giving permission to act, speak, feel, and think in a ... way that may be dramatically different from our true selves,\\\\\"

For couples trying to lose themselves in fantasy, whether that is something to do with superheroes, fairytales or perhaps even a more in-depth plot, there is nothing wrong with this indulgence. This sort of roleplay can truly allow of an intimacy that you may not experience with your partner. After all, you are playing someone completely different to who you usually are. Roleplay can allow you to experience a whole variety of partners that you may not have thought you would meet in your life.

With Costumes added to the mix, then this can allow you truly get into the character that you want to experience intimacy with. Costumed roles usually include people with power and those who are more sexually innocent. This means that if you are looking to indulge in being a naughty policeman for the night, you can get a costume that suits you, especially if your submissive partner has the costume of a naughty criminal. Costumes and role play can truly bring us out of our comfort zones and show our partner the sort of things we truly like. This means that it is far easier to become intimate with your partner.

Non-Monogamy and Swinging

For some people, it just isn\\\\\'t enough to have one partner. The monotony of a daily sexual schedule just is not enough to satisfy a sexual palette. After all, for some people, it is just not a reasonable expectation to remain completely loyal to one partner. Whether this is due to their attitudes towards sex and fidelity, or whether they just are not ready for a relationship, an \\\\\"open relationship\\\\\", or practising sexual intercourse in \\\\\"threesomes\\\\\" or in group sex activities is the perfect thing to ignite a flame.

Having more than one partner is something that can actually help a relationship keep its passion alive. We all want to indulge in a little sexual variety, whether that is on our own or in a pair, thus if you and your partner are ready to experience intimate attention from others, then you may want to consider either swinging or inviting other people into a \\\\\"polyamorous relationship.\\\\\"

It does not matter whether you want to experience sex with only one person or in a group of swingers. What matters is that you do not base your sexual interests on someone else\\\\\'s expectations of what you should want. If you feel like you can only become satisfied with more than one person\\\\\'s attention on you, then why not try looking into Swinging Parties? They are parties that invite swinging couples or singles into a social event where intimacy is the focal point. The experience involves getting to know other couples through talking and dinner, as well as pairing off to experience intimacy altogether. As long as you are comfortable with this, then there is no harm in trying it out!


When it comes to Fetishism, this is one of the most common forms of sexual arousal. It focuses on the obsession of an object, this object being in relation to the desired person. This can range from their lingerie to a masturbatory aid or even to a specific form of material (such as Spandex, Rubber or Balloons).

What matters to the kink owner is the sight, touch, taste, sound or even the interactions that the user can have with the object. These objects can allow the user to indulge in fantasies, to the point where the sensations actually allow them to entertain an erotic scenario. For instance, if turned on by the sensation of rubber, this may be due to the costume providing a \\\\\"second skin.\\\\\" It allows the sexual indulger to become someone else, someone who has a different personality in comparison to how they usually act in society. It is a release of pressure and allows them to act in any manner that allows them sexual release.

Fetishism of objects is one of the most common sexual kinks. One look at the internet and you will see millions of drawings and videos dedicated to this sort of kink. Some of them are even in relation to the fetishism of sounds, such as ASMR, also known as \\\\\"The Whisper Fetish.\\\\\" For Aurora Snow, writer for the Daily Beast,

\\\\\"Certain audio triggers a sensory response that users describe as orgasmic in a cerebral sense. This is not physical. ASMR artists use words and sounds to create a soothing image. Most users claim the videos help ease anxiety and reduce insomnia. They call it a brain massage.\\\\\"

If we take this sort of reasoning and apply it to fetishism as a whole, certain materials and objects can provide this \\\\\"brain massage\\\\\" to the kink holder. It allows them to relax and ultimately let go of any inhabitations. This is why this sort of kink should be allowed to blossom in the company of like minded-individuals.

Lesser Known Kinks and their Ordinary Occurrences

Although a Kink may not be always out in the open does not mean that it something that love-making couples do not encounter during their moments of passion. These kinks are usually things that are encountered during the bedroom but they never really have a name put to them.

These include:

Katoptronophilia: Having sex in front of a mirror

Trichophilia:: Being attracted to the touch or appearance of someone\\\\\'s hair.

Knismolagnia:Sexual Arousement from tickle-play

Pictophilia: Sexual Arousement from watching Pornographic Imagery or Videos

Podophilia: Sexual Arousement from Feet

Urophilia: Sexual Arousement from Urine. This is also known as \\\\\"Watersports\\\\\"

Agalmatophilia:Sexual Arousement from Mannequins or Sexual Dolls

Accept Yourself!

We all have fetishes and they deserve to be celebrated. What you may fear to appear to be weird or sexually may actually be a commonly indulged practised. When you meet a new partner or are becoming sexually intimate with them, never be afraid to share your fetishes with them. Sharing your sexual interests is a sign of trust, and your partner will be appreciative if you are honest with them and it will surely strengthen your relationship.

Happy Love-Making!

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