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Posted by WordSuccor on August 23rd, 2021

Among the demanded and relevant tools for creating websites are Wix and WordPress. They have their characteristics, distinctive features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

If you\'re new to building websites, choosing the type of platform to use can be a daunting task. To help you, in this article, we will try to answer a question with many doubts: Wix or WordPress?

WordPress or Wix: Introduction


Before going any further, it\'s important to understand the fundamental differences between Wix and WordPress.Both platforms allow you to create websites, they are not the same type of solution.

At its core, Wix is ??what is called a website builder. The website builder offers tools that you can use to create a website without touching the code. This is done using a visual layout that includes pre-built elements, or blocks. You can add these elements to any page and arrange them accordingly. 

In recent years, these types of platforms have grown significantly in popularity as they allow you to build websites without any development experience. However, there are restrictions to what you can perform with a website builder.

WordPress, on the other hand, is a Content Management System (CMS). This term describes platforms that allow you to create and manage vast libraries of content, as well as all the tools you need to build the rest of your site. While WordPress was once primarily a blogging platform, this classification has long been outdated. Over 39.1% of all sites use WordPress these days. With its help, you can create almost any type of web resource.

Pattern comparison

Wix is well suited for creating diverse, attractively designed websites. There are about 500 templates here, very different, most of them are engaging, there are also some simple ones. There are categories for business, blogs, shops, landing pages, photographers, musicians, event organizers, designers, etc. All templates are adapted for display on mobile devices. The regular and smartphone versions can be edited separately.

The visual editor allows you to form in any order the structure of sections from individual elements; positioning bindings, like many other WYSIWYG constructors, are not here. This allows you to create unique templates, the engine suits designers. It\'s kind of like Photoshop for assembling web pages, but easier to learn. By the way, there is something like artificial intelligence for automatic site-building - Wix ADI. This thing itself will make the site according to the input data, it may be useful for beginners.

WordPress has a diverse range of templates, design customization options. No wonder: many designers, WordPress website development services, and freelancers are creating layouts for the world\'s most popular CMS. Conveniently, the engine has a built-in library of templates, of which there are several thousand. There is filtering by topics, types of sites, colors, and some more parameters. The quality varies- some are unpretentious, outdated, and some are excellent. You have to choose.

Ease of use Comparison

The development of Wix is characterized by simplicity. It is not so difficult to master it - you do not need special skills. To create and run your own web project, you just need to open the designer and start building the site. The platform offers users two development modes:

  • Traditional: Its essence is as follows - you just need to choose a template that suits the user\'s requirements and make changes to its interface, adjusting it to fit your needs.

  • Intellectual:   Its essence lies in the fact that the platform develops a web resource based on the data provided by the developer. That is, it is necessary to give answers to several questions - in fact, fill out a questionnaire. And the platform will automatically, after analyzing the input data, in just a few minutes construct a ready-to-use project for you.

As far as WordPress is concerned, the platform can fight for first place in the list of the most user-friendly tools.By installing the platform on your hosting, you will get access to the famous WordPress admin panel. There you will see a lot of options and settings, but after looking around a little, you can easily understand what each of them does. 

The same goes for the process of creating posts and pages. They\'re simple to make with only a few clicks. Keep in mind that many WordPress themes include their own page builder tools. There are also plugins that add this functionality. In other words, if you want a Wix-like editor but want to stay on WordPress, it\'s pretty easy to do this through plugins.

Site Management Comparison

In site management, Wix tries to keep the process as simple as possible, so that the user does not need to worry about small details. For example, you don\'t need to worry about updating the platform as it does in the background. In addition, Wix also makes it easy to duplicate, delete, and even transfer your website. However, when you delve a bit deeper, you\'ll realise that Wix is lacking several functionality that you could require in the future.

WordPress, on the other hand, provides access to the website\'s management capabilities from the start. For example, it allows you to customize the URL structure, which you cannot do with Wix. Plus, you can always extend the functionality with WordPress plugins, which are free in most cases. For example, the Yoast SEO plugin helps improve your search engine rankings and even the readability of your content.

SEO Comparison

Wix allows you to optimize your site by editing page titles, meta descriptions, and various title tags. You can also easily add alt tags to images and customize the URL. In addition, Wix offers sitemaps that make crawling easier and faster. It is also easy to connect your Wix site to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and more.

WordPress, on the other hand, has all of Wix\'s SEO features. However, in addition to the tools themselves, WordPress gives you the ability to control them. The platform allows you to optimize your site\'s speed and provides access to advanced indexing and crawling options. In general, content and quality are more important to SEO than the platform. But WordPress still wins over Wix.

eCommerce Comparison

Wix allows you to add an online store to your site, but e-commerce functionality is only available on a paid plan. Wix Ecommerce Plans include all the features you need to sell products. But when compared to other solutions such as Shopify, this functionality is much more scarce.

On the other hand, the WordPress site builder supports eCommerce functionality, and the free WordPress WooCommerce plugin is already used by 26% of the 1 million eCommerce sites. There are other free ecommerce plugins in WordPress that are suitable for trading both goods and services, subscriptions, event tickets, and more. You have to pay transaction fees, but the plugins themselves are free to install. WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify are three well-known WordPress plugins.

Blogging Comparison

Wix platform enables you to integrate the blog section easily. It includes the essential blogging functionalities that can be used in general. Commenting on the blog cannot be managed easily comparative to WordPress. Most of the third-party users install third-party services such as Facebook to enable users to make accounts. However, it does not have functionalities, like backdating posts, making private posts, etc. 

When it is about WordPress, it is a blogging platform that eventually turned into a comprehensive website builder. It holds all the necessary blogging features that you will need such as a native commenting system and different advanced features. Moreover, it has the robust Gutenberg block editor with which appealing and engaging blog posts layouts can be created. What\'s more? It helps in improving the blogs with plugins and includes the features that the website needs.


In order to create a website, you need to work hard.On the other hand, the right platform can make this process much easier. Wix makes it effortless to create simple websites with an intuitive page builder. However, if you are working on a more complicated project, this platform may not be sufficient. This is why we are more inclined to recommend WordPress.

Should you choose WordPress or Wix? Share with us in the comment section below!


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