Drawbacks and Benefits of hiring an Asp.Net Application Development Company 

Posted by Giselle Shira on August 23rd, 2021

.net are developed by Microsoft to make faster, reliable, and secure web applications. The framework works well with all the legacy software and also supports their development and maintenance. .net offers an object-oriented programming environment that is used for multi-functional web apps. 

.net is used to develop a wide variety of apps and software solutions. It is widely popular among developers to build cross-platform apps which run smoothly on all operating systems including Windows, Linux, and macOS. .net has its own code libraries and APIs which can be used to design, develop and deploy a mobile application and customized projects too. 

There are many advantages to using the framework. Here are a few:

1. Object-oriented programming 

.net has an object-oriented programming structure. It makes it easy to divide the data and code of an application into smaller chunks which are easy to manage. With OOP it is easier to identify recurring bugs and fix them, hence unnecessary programming efforts are eliminated. It also saves time and cost by letting developers reuse codes and components. 

2. Visual studio 

Using a visual studio development environment it is easy to develop, publish and maintain apps on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, and ios. The integrated environment makes it simple to write and test software. 

The top highlighted feature of visual studio IDE includes customizing the environment as per the project requirement, easy debugging, and compilation features. 

Also, visual IDE improves cloud development, third-party connection in the app which promotes continuous integration. 

3. Cross-platform design 

Cross-platform design simply means the application code can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also has open-source code which makes it possible for .net enthusiasts to contribute to its development anywhere in the world. All the developer communities grow together and share their skills to develop highly advanced apps. 

.net supports more than 60 programming languages. The developers can code applications in F#, C#, Java, and many others and it will run on all the operating systems.

4. Cost-effective 

Many frameworks and tools are available for free but the best ones generally have a licensing fee which takes away thousands of dollars. Even if you are an established business with a big revenue the same money can be a better investment somewhere else. 

Microsoft provides .net as a better frontend development technology as it is updated and extensible. It also allows you to pick the host and SLA. with .net comes to a lot of flexibility of spending money and thus it provides the value of money invested. 

Pros and cons of hiring a .net development company 

Now that we have discussed the benefits of the .net framework for application development. It is time to know whether to hire an offshore .net company for your project. 



Lower costs 

Communication barrier 

Access to the world’s best talents

Different time zones 

Saves time 

Different mindsets 

More experienced staff

Data security 

Shared responsibility 

Faster scaling 

Reliable partners 

The pros of outsourcing trump the cons any day. That is why it is so widely accepted and followed by large companies and businesses around the globe. 

Let\'s discuss some of the pros and cons in detail to help you make a sound decision. 

Pros of hiring a .net application development company 

1. Lower development costs 

When hiring from offshore countries like India, Ukraine, the Philippines, or china, companies save a lot of money due to lower labor costs than the united states. 

Offshore companies charge way less (about 3 - 4 times) while providing the same quality of software products and the level of experience. 

Cost-saving is an important consideration for any business and during harsh times like the covid 19 pandemic, it can make the difference in whether your business stays open or shut down. 

And the pandemic has made it more prominent than ever that offshore development is the most stable working model. It makes it easy for brands and companies to integrate technology for competitive advantage in the market. 

2. Access to the expert workforce on demand 

Technology keeps evolving to bring something better into the world. And to make it happen access to expert IT talents is mandatory. 

All the revolutionary tech fields like big data, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and other latest technologies have a shortage of expert brains. While it is difficult to hire global talent locally, finding the experts for trending technologies is far more likely to happen in outsourcing. 

Hiring an offshore .net company is a simple solution to not handle the stress of maintaining and paying for an in-house development team after the project completes. 

Sometimes people wonder if the quality of offshore developers might not be good enough. There is nothing to worry about though. Offshore companies hire the best graduates every year and in the top offshore destinations like India, there is heavy investment in IT education which abides by international standards. 

3. Time-saving methodologies 

Starting a project all by yourself is daunting and the longer a project takes to complete the more stress it will create. 

Hiring a .net company will make developing a project from scratch much easier. You don\'t have to worry about hiring an in-house team, payoff salaries, and office space expenditures. Sometimes due to a lack of resources, it becomes extremely difficult to manage an entire team of developers. 

Offshore development companies have vast experience of working on projects. They have established processes to deploy software as per the scheduled timeline. Agile methodology and DevOps approach makes the development process much faster and make changes on the go. 

There are many other advantages of hiring a .net application development company like sharing the responsibilities, working with world-class talent, and data security. 

Cons of hiring a .net development company 

1. Takes time and attention 

With all the merits that come with offshore development companies, the practice is far from ideal. 

The first con of offshore development is that you still have to spend time and pay attention to it. You can’t truly trust a team of developers thousands of miles away to make a software product exactly like you want without timely feedback and communication. 

Either you need to manage the project or hire a project manager to accomplish your business goals with the software. 

2. There might be frustration and setbacks 

Even with the best talents and methodologies, any software development project won\'t be perfect. There will be mistakes, there will be setbacks and there will be frustration. The communication gap is a real thing and with offshore development it just becomes obvious. 

But this flaw is universal. No matter if you hire a freelancer or an offshore development company or an onshore company, communication problems are always going to be there.

The other cons include time zones and language barriers, data theft, and continuous monitoring. But these cons can be easily defeated. 

In summary

Offshore .net development has so many merits and they outweigh the cons every time. If you are looking for an expert .net development partner for your next web application project, contact us. We would love to assist you. 

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