Common Mistakes in Spoken English and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Laxmikant on August 23rd, 2021

common for one to make mistakes in the English language. You should have constant practice when you want to speak fluent english. But you should understand that no one is perfect in his language, even a pro can make mistakes sometimes. Here we are going to discuss some common mistakes that people make in the English language.

Points to remember

Always speak in short sentences as this is the better way to communicate with one another with very minimal effort. Instead of trying to join two or more sentences you can break the sentence using but or words to cut the sentences into different halves.

It is really a bad idea that you can translate the things in your mother tongue and then you can practice them. Then how come your pronunciation over the language will improve. When you practice the English and speak out, practice them then it will be easy to get the command over the language.

Avoid using the words like \\'back\\' try to implement words like \\'revert\\' or \\'return\\'. Return itself means the same and you don\\'t have to use it like returning back which is completely wrong. 

Take care of the verb and its object, as English has different meanings for the same word. So the consent where you use a particular word is different from the other sentence you use. Be cautious about the singular, plural things. Also when you state a sentence be clear about the first person, second person and the third person. Some sentences should go with the first person alone.

Read magazines and newspapers regularly, it is a good habit speak english fluently  to make the reading practice 10min a day, so you can work out on your pronunciation correctly. It is a good way to practice the language on a daily basis. Keep the habit of listening to the new channels on a regular basis. This will help you to know the structure of the sentences. So when you keep on listening to the language you will obviously learn something every day. When you are a keen observer then you can be a pro on the language. 

It is always a good idea to carry a handy dictionary, so when you travel or when you have free time you can open up the dictionary and learn the words. So it is always a good practice if you read 10 to 20 words in a day and try to implement those words you read on a daily basis. A constant practice over the language will help you a lot to become more comfortable. So as you see the English language there might be the same word but it gives different meaning when they are used in different sentence, it is better for a person to read and listen on a regular basis. There are many Speak English App , can help you to practice on a regular basis with a set of exercise you can practice daily.

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