Why Is the Cat Scratching Post Necessary?

Posted by Brenda Ana on August 23rd, 2021

If you would like to groom your dog at home to save some money or to avoid a stressful experience for it, you should have the right tools at home, including clippers. Human and dog clippers are not the same and it is important to see how to find the most suitable ones for your dog. Cats love scratching and there is nothing you can do to keep them from doing it. The only things that can be done to save your furniture is to purchase a cat scratching post that your cat will enjoy using.

What Are the Different Types of Dog Clippers Available on the Market?

Individuals who need suitable clippers for their dogs will see that they have numerous options and it can be quite difficult to decide what to purchase. If you are in the market for dog clippers, it is important to become familiar with the different types available on the market:
• Cordless clippers- these come with rechargeable batteries and they can be used by professionals as well as by amateurs; they have various features and they are suitable for pet owners that want to have freedom of movement and they enable precision work; their only drawback is the fact that their battery does not last for too long. It is best to search for a model that can last for at least 90 minutes before it needs to be recharged.
• Corded clippers- they have an electrical cord, fast rotation speeds, they are available in quiet and low vibration and they are very popular among professional groomers.
• Cord and cordless clippers- these models are less common; they are known as hybrid and there are only a couple of models available on the market.
• Single speed clippers- the blade rotates only at one speed; it is impossible to make it move faster or slower. These models usually have cords, the advantage is the fact that they do not heat up as fast as variable speed ones and they are also more affordable. Nonetheless, it is quite difficult for amateurs who have never done this before to use such a model.
• Variable speed clippers- this is an excellent choice for amateurs, as it has different cutting speeds; some of the models available on the market have up to 5 speeds. These types of clippers heat up fast. They are heavier than single speed ones and a bit more difficult to handle.
• Quiet and low vibration clippers- the last thing you want is for your dog to get scared when you groom it; this is why it is recommended to use quiet dog clippers; these are suitable for dogs that startle easily; also, it is useful to know that low vibration has a low heat emission.

Why It Is a Must Have to Use a Cat Scratching Post?

Have you noticed that your feline companion scratches your furniture, your shoes and whatever it finds attractive and suitable for scratching? If you would like to avoid this you should put at its disposal at least a suitable scratcher that it can use whenever it wants to scratch. The cat scratching post has become a necessity among cat owners and we can see why. People are tired of having their cats destroy their belongings and they prefer to invest in suitable posts. The variety of designs available on the market is overwhelming and with a bit of research you should be able to buy a scratcher that your cat will enjoy using.

Pet owners who are in the market for a suitable cat scratching post and have not purchased one before should pay attention to the following features:
• The design- it is important to select a design that your cat will find appealing, one that will stir its interest and attention;
• The material it is made of- the posts available on the market are covered in all sorts of materials but some are better than others; it is best to buy one that has a scratching material that your cat will enjoy using.
• Its height- it is best for the post to be tall enough so that your cat can stretch
• Sturdiness- your pet will not use a post that is not sturdy.
These are the most essential aspects that you should keep in mind when you shop for a suitable cat scratching post.

What Is the Difference between Human and Dog Clippers?

There is a reason why you should not use human clippers on your dog; there are significant differences between dog and human clippers such as:
• The blade used- the one for humans is less powerful, it is thinner and sharper; dog fur varies in thickness and length and it is important for dog clippers to cater to all the types of dog coats available on the market. A one size fits it all does not work for dogs.
• The motor- dogs are afraid of noise and vibration and they need clippers that have low vibrations and are quiet
• Speed of the blades- clippers for dogs rotate faster
• Accessories- dogs need suitable accessories such as combs and brushes that are designed for their coat.
Dog and human clippers are different and there is a reason why you should not try to groom your dog with human clippers.

Moving on to cats, these are adorable and playful but the problem is that they can cause irreparable damage to your furniture and other belongings. An attractive and sturdy cat scratching post can prevent this from happening and it definitely deserves the investment. Individuals who have had a cat for a long time usually have two or three posts with different designs and they rotate them so that their feline friend does not get bored. You should be able to find a suitable scratcher for your cat online at a suitable price and all you have to do is follow some simple guidelines.

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