I went to the Chaos temple near Fist of Guthix

Posted by FryeJacob on August 24th, 2021

There are no Runescape items that cannot be purchased. You can now have full rune armor/scimitar, rune pickaxe and hatchet and OSRS gold also complete green dragonhide armor. Is there anything worthwhile to buy (3.2 M gp in the bank account)?

At the moment I believe that the most important Runescape purchase that could be beneficial would be items that can help you increase one of the following abilities: current Prayer 53; Magic 54; Runecraft 53; Crafting 55; Smithing 51. (Except for the current attack 71; strength 70 defense 70; crafting 55 Smithing 51; ranging 52, mining 64 as well as woodcutting 60 and firemaking.

Free-to play world: I defeated Elvarg. I then worked on ankous to reach att/str/def/hp around ca. 60 each. There wasn\'t anything left to do in Runescape (been to Varrock/Rimmington/Falador/all dungeons/all f2p guilds), so I made the horrible decision to explore the Wilderness: Runescape had just eliminated PvP (and in running to Fist of Guthix, there weren\'t any big hazards). To prepare for Wilderness exploring, my inventory was full of lobsters and I had rune armor + rane scimitar.

I went to the Chaos temple near Fist of Guthix, I was the only person there... I went on to investigate the Dark Warrior\'s Fortress. The Bandit Camp and the ruins to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold the west. Then, in a flash an revenant of level 75 appears out of nowhere. I tried my luck with the Rune Scomitar, but it didn\'t provide me with zero blue spots. I barely getting in contact with the rune scimitar. My HP was taken away by the Revenant (ca. I ate lobsters to counter my loss of HP (10 at a time).

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