Application and classification of computer paper cutter

Posted by diginbronghua on August 24th, 2021

Computer paper cutter is a device for cutting into flat paper in the paper industry. There are two types of flail paper cutters (single knife and double knife) and flat knife paper cutters. The flail cutter includes a slitting mechanism composed of an upper knife and a lower knife, and a cross-cutting mechanism composed of a rotary long knife and a fixed bottom knife. It can cut 6-10 paper rolls at the same time. The flat-knife paper cutter is a liftable knife on the platform, which cuts the sheet of paper to the specified size. Used to cut large sheets of paper into smaller sizes.

Working principle

1. The principle of the paper cutter is the principle of \"guillotine\", but the term is called paper cutter

2. The cutting direction is not straight up and down, but cut diagonally

3. The paper cutter is driven by a pair of hydraulic cylinders (or air cylinders)

4. The cutting paper has a front push plate to control the cutting width

5. Current paper cutters are all computer controlled

The motor carries the pulley, the pulley carries the electronic clutch, the clutch carries the knife body, the oil pressure carries the oil cylinder, the oil cylinder carries the tie rod, the tie rod pulls the paper press to press the paper, the dual hydraulic computer paper cutter comes down, and the cutter comes down to cut Paper out. Now the program-controlled paper cutter is not so complicated.

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