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For power transmission & distribution, busbars are the main electrical conductors in an electrical control panel that supply current to all consumers in the cabinet. The traditional busbar technology is beset with problems like large size, inconsistent material, connections through holes and fasteners, slow and labour-intensive assembly process, metal corrosions and similar. With an open execution, traditional busbars are also inherently unsafe to the people working in the electrical panel.

Traditional busbars did not have competition, until Wöhner® busbars became available. With their cohesive and modular approach, Wöhner® electrical busbar systems offer outstanding advantages over their traditional equivalents.



For over 90 years, the name Wöhner® has been synonymous with top performance and technology innovation. With over 100 registered patents, it is well known and recognised worldwide as a competent and reliable partner for energy distribution - a specialist for international fuse and busbar systems.



  •          Compliance with IEC 61439and UL 508 standards including IP20 touch-safe protection.
  •          Small size of busbar with close stacking pitch, resulting in significant reduction of panel                       dimensions.
  •          Inherent safety due to touch-safe, all-around covered construction.
  •          Direct mounting on DIN rails, without use of external busbar supports.
  •          Speed of installation, the busbars and their connected components can be installed and wired               without any drilling, tapping, or crimping of lugs.
  •          Clamp-on connections ensures that busbar is not drilled and there is no loss of metal mass.
  •          Simplicity and convenience with snap-fitting and clamping of parts
  •          Ease of expansion by stacking other busbar modules
  •          Compatibility with all standard switchgear that directly mount on the busbar.
  •          Adaptability with various Wöhner® supplied functional modules that mount directly on the                   busbars.
  •          Long, corrosion-free life.
  •          Free online utilities to help busbar user:

o   Configure the busbar selection and design.

o   Calculate the current metal surcharge.

o   Verify design as per IEC 61439 standards.

o   Calculate current carrying capacity, thermal derating, and short-circuit capability of busbars.

o   Shortlist the adaptor and connector types.

  •          The reports generated from online utilities can certify compliance to mandatory IEC 61439 and             UL 508 standards without requiring expensive consultancy, or laboratory tests.


Wöhner offers fascinating and trendsetting solutions for the safe use of electrical energy. Their products for busbar assemblyfor internationalsafety systems include:

  •          CrossBoard®: 3 pole covered busbar system for 3 phase loads up to 125 Amperes.
  •          30 Compact®: 3 pole and 5 pole covered busbar systems for 3 phase loads up to 360 Amperes.
  •          60 Classic®:1 pole, 2 pole, 3 pole, and 4 pole covered busbar system for 3 phase and DC loads           up to 2500 Amperes.
  •          185 Power®:3 pole covered busbar system for 3 phase loads up to 1600 Amperes.
  •          Electronics Components: Busbar mounted modules for various functions like power supply,                   power connection, fuse holder, switch-fuse disconnector, resistive load switching device, and                 motor starter.
  •          Panel accessories: A large selection of connectors, covers, adapters, laminated and flexible                   busbars, and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Messung is the Master Distributor for Wöhner®busbar solutions in India.

Messung has decades of actual Indian shop-floor experience, and knows the exact requirement of the industry, from the ground up. With their formidable knowledge base, Messung is uniquely positioned to help industry adapt to international electrical engineering standards at a justifiable price point.

Today, Indian industry and large electricity consumers are under pressure to update their electrical technology to future-ready global norms. Keeping in step with the international requirements will not only help the industries stay competitive and relevant, it will reduce and optimise power consumption.

Messung Electrical EngineeringDivision offers the total low voltage electric power distributioncontrol system by studying the automation requirements of the customer and proposing an efficient, cost-effective solution. Messung also provides end-to-end support to ensure that the customers application – be it a machine tool or a water treatment plant – is completely automated. Messung’s team provides programming, engineering, training and documentation services as part of the total deliverables.

Messung’s turnkey solutions for smart power distribution control panels incorporate automation products like PLC, HMI and Scada along with Wöhner’s special Busbar power distribution products. Messung has now developed Industry 4.0- compatible, smart Cloud-based solutions to provide IOT features for “Any time Any where” supervisory and control features.

For your power distribution & control needs, talk to Messung. A solution-centric company with four decades of industry experience, Messung utilizes advanced technology and deep domain knowledge to custom-build solutions for optimising power usage and distribution, while reducing costs.

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