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Posted by Cally Ana on April 21st, 2016

Chances are, no matter what profession we are in, we have encountered and worked with foam. Do you know that endless amount of shapes and objects are made out of foam? Whether the foam is visible or is hiding inside wood or concrete, it is there. The crown modeling in houses, displays and sculptures you see in museums, remote control plane you watch flying in a park, and so much more. The companies that are in need of foam cutting are endless as well - construction, architecture, packaging, to name only a few. But, what function does foam serve? Depending on the application, foam can help a product’s performance in a multitude of ways. Certain types are suited to insulation, whereas others are used to create absorbent sponges.

In order to use foam, it should be in a particular shape which can be given by cutting it. Do you remember how we used foam to make science projects or props with the help of foam? So, now is the same case with various industries that use foam in their products. Companies cutting foam need to use top of the line cutting equipment to offer a wide range of foam cutting services. The cutting can be done by using a hot wire foam cutting tool.

A hot wire foam cutting tool is a wire foam cutter that utilizes a thin metal wire that is heated to a certain temperature and ran through flexible foam to produce the desired shape. The device consists of a thin, taut metal wire, often made of nichrome or stainless steel, which is heated via electrical resistance. As wire is passed through a material to be cut, heat from wire vaporizes the material just in advance of contact. The depth of cut is limited only by wire length. One of the advantages of hot wire foam is that because it is cutting by heat, it does not leave dust as it goes through.

By using hot wire foam cutter to create exactly a shape you require your mold will be left with no unexpected and undesired extremities or abrasions that can have a detrimental effect end product. With endless benefits of using this tool, apart from physical stores, one can easily buy hot wire foam cutting tool online as well. There are several websites that provide DIY hot knife foam cutter online. So, give your end product a perfect shape with this magical equipment.

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