Best Practices for Conference Photography

Posted by catchastar on August 25th, 2021

Conference photography can be demanding in lots of ways, some conference events are exceptionally crowded media matters, with lots of people meeting and greeting, under tough lighting conditions.


We know you know find it difficult to capture amazing shots in a crowded corporate events. Don’t lose hopes, There are ways to click photos of corporate events and conferences  in a unique way and get in the notice of potential attendees.


In this blog we are covering event photography practices from professional photographers to create fascinating corporate event photos that advertise registrations. There are so many creative conference photographer in brisbaneyou can hire.




Following are the Best practices and tips for conference photography


  • Don’t be afraid to shoot from creative angels, In a conference or a corporate event its not required to be dull, you can be creative with your angels and you can use decorations to create some by yourself. “To keep the photos interesting, keep angles interesting,” says Christie Connell. Peek at the event not just as a participant, but from an outsider’s perspective, to get a broader sense of the day.
  • Have fun with posed shots, Most of the corporate event organisers wants you to click posed and candid pictures of their attendees. Its your thing how you can be playful with these shots. You don’t get enough time to take posed pictures of them, so do it quickly with a clear background. Conference photography in gold coast gives you several chance of candid pictures.
  • Trust on natural lighting to get your shots, You should try to take advantage of the natural lighting available in the venue, and avoid using flash it will disturb the people presented there. If you do require flash while taking shots of attendees, wait them to turn slightly to the other side so they’re not facing the camera. You’ll get less shots with red eye in it.
  • Pre plan in your head how you are going to use the pictures later because Conference photography in brisbane is a hectic one. To get the most out of pictures, as a photographer you should discuss it with clients that where they will use these images like instagram post, banners or print ad etc.
  • If you want your pictures for marketing campaigns, while it’s necessary to capture shots of attendees enjoying the event, it’s also important to take more abstract shots that aren’t focused on individuals.
  • Play with fluorescent lights, If your event is happening place in a huge auditorium or meeting room, you will find yourself stuck with fluorescent lights. Don’t opt to flash to correct this instead, color balance settings will play major role in your corporate event photography. Conference photographer in gold coast are professional in taking these shots.
  • Take pictures of important persons and celebrities in priority, you can’t afford to miss that and they will not provide you separate time for it. Be quick and get your amazing PR shots first.
  • Rely on your venue to get best photographer, most venues have their in-house photographer for the chores. You can find good conference photographer in brisbane for your next event in Brisbane.


Conference photography is a lot more than just a documentation of a drink’s reception, the photographs can be used for successful PR, illustrate a marketing newsletter or enhance company unity when on a company’s intranet.

The photographer will set about providing an excellent full set of images of the party or conference.

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