4 Tips to Lose Weight and Lose Belly Faster

Posted by Complete Family Wellness on August 25th, 2021

Changes in lifestyle and habits can help you lose weight. This can lead to a loss up to 2kg per week, depending on your initial weight.

So, it is essential that you follow the strategies daily in order to achieve this. But, not use the scale every day if someone is going through a weight loss process.

This can cause anxiety and may lead to problems. It is best idea for you that only weigh yourself once per week and always at the same time.

Also, consider if you are going through a period because this week is normal for women to be slightly more swollen than usual, which can reflect on the scale.

Drink more water throughout the day

Drinking plenty of fluids in between meals will reduce hunger and fluid retention. This is because your body makes more urine, which can lead to more fluid retention. Also, your body excretes toxins that could hinder weight loss.

  • What you can drink- water, coconut water, and natural juices with no added sugar (package juices do not work), as well as teas that are not sweetened.
  • What you can not drink- soft drinks, powdered or canned juices, chocolate drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

Get some exercise

You should exercise at least three times per week. You can also make a difference by choosing a few daily activities, such as-

  • Instead of taking the elevator, go up stairs
  • After lunch, go for 10 minute walk.
  • Take your dog out for a walk in the evening.

Do not get too hungry

Going long hours without eating can make you choose high-calorie foods instead of preparing a good meal.

Here are some tips to help you avoid hunger and make sure you have a healthy meal.

  • Always keep half amount of nuts, peanuts and fresh or dried fruits in your bag.
  • At work, leave 1 whole natural yoghurt in the fridge
  • When you are at home, prepare vegetable-based snacks: cucumbers with mashed avocado, carrot sticks, large cube tomatoes with a pinch salt and oil, Coconut chips and 1 hard-boiled egg.

You can eat small meals if you are unable to eat all day. Gradually, it becomes clear that it is not about hunger but anxiety to eat.

Write down everything you eat

It is a great strategy to lose weight by writing down all the food you eat during the day.

It is recommended to register each day and after every meal. This makes it easier for you to recall what you ate.

It is important to include the type of meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), the time and amount of each meal, as well as the place where it was taken.

It is important to record about who made the meal and the mood at the time. To get a better understanding of eating habits, this record should be kept for at least 3-7 days.


If it seems that weight loss management is very difficult, it is important to consult an endocrinologist to analyse if the bodys hormonal production is adequate and go to a nutritionist to receive guidance and a specific meal plan for your case, eating habits and your life routine.

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