Making a Heart-Shaped Paper Gift Box

Posted by johniekeen on August 26th, 2021

Who doesn\'t like receiving Gift Bags crafted with love and by the person who is offering you something? The art of gifting is not about how much money is spent on the gift, but about the thinking and sentiments behind it. If someone is crafting something for you, there is undoubtedly some effort involved, and this is how gifting and its value are assessed. You can make a gorgeous heart-shaped box at home!

To construct a heart-shaped box, you need a few supplies. If you are a crafter, you will already have the stationery items on hand, and you can even recycle cardboard boxes from around the house to make the gift box. If you are constructing a jeweler box for yourself, gather the tools such as two large pieces of cardboard, a paper cutter, sharp safety scissors, a pen, tooth picks, markers/colors/paints, embellishments of your choice, ribbons, and a piece of satin cloth for a regal touch.

We make the heart-shaped Boxes for Gifts using three distinct approaches; choose the one that is easiest for you and go on with it!

1st Heart-Shaped Box:


To make both sides of the heart equal, draw only half of the heart and then fold and cut it out to produce an equal heart with balanced sides. The size of this heart should be the same as the size of the box. Now, take the cut-out paper heart and place it on one of the cardstock or cardboard sides. Make sure you don\'t waste any material, so if you have a particularly large piece of sheet, only utilize one corner of it. Cut out the heart on cardboard after drawing it on cardstock and cutting it out on paper. Now that you\'ve saved some craft papers and printed sheets, arrange them on three different colors, preferably with very diverse patterns, then draw and cut out a heart from each one. Cut two long, thin strips and set them aside. Place the cardboard on a cardboard sheet and create another heart for the box\'s lid. Take the first heart shape and hot glue printed paper to one side of it. Take the long strip, apply glue to the heart\'s edges, and wrap the strip around it like a wall. Repeat the process, but first paste colorful and patterned paper on both sides of the other cardstock heart, then glue around the outside edge of it and repeat for the walls. After the box and lid have dried, secure them with extra glue and your box is complete.

Heart-Shaped Box No. 2:

In technique two, instead of making a lid, you stick two hearts with printed sheets stuck on both sides and form a wall on one of them, simply making the wall in the shape of a \'V\' and leaving the top of the box open. Place the second cardstock heart on top of it. This heart box differs from other heart-shaped wholesale gift boxes in that you can pack the item from the top, cover it with a transparent sheet, tie with a ribbon or jute string, and hang a charming gift tag.

Box in the Shape of a Heart 3:

This box, which is built of cardboard Retail Bags and toothpicks, is quite fascinating. Take the base of a heart shape and stick a colored or printed sheet on both sides and only one side to make this box. The printed sheet side will be the inside of the box. Now, take a very pointed item, such as a crochet needle, and begin piercing holes around the edge of the V form of the heart, but slightly away from the end of the box. Leaving only a small gap big enough for a toothpick to pass through. After that, take toothpicks one at a time and dab hot glue on their tips before inserting them into the holes one by one until the V is complete. Once it is totally dry, place a piece of paper on top of it and punch holes through the toothpicks, then place the paper on the other cardboard heart and begin piercing holes using this guideline on the paper. This part of the heart should now fit exactly on top of the toothpicks, but first neatly apply some hot glue to the tips of the toothpicks. Once this is completed, drill one hole in each heart where two semicircles meet right in the center, large enough to cross a ribbon, then run a ribbon through them, tie a knot on the ends, and these will act as the present box handles, and your box is finished.

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