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Posted by kilobytes technologies on August 27th, 2021

There are over 5 billion active users on the internet and according to a survey, maximum people spend over 6 hours a day on their mobile phones and tend to spend 90% of their time on mobile apps. This is generally because mobile applications are more convenient to use than browsing.


Now both SEO Outsourcing India is moving on with the new age electronic technology, as well as developing an app itself, both have their own pros and cons. But in this write-up, we will mainly focus on outsourcing, it’s processing, how to pick up your SEO Outsourcing India team, merge it with technical aspects and of course, the main question is how much does it cost to outsource app development and also the cost of SEO Outsourcing India?


When you build your app or your SEO team for your app, there is a particular process that is supposed to take place. Testing, Project Management, Deployment, Maintenance are some of them. But, the actual steps of building an app with an outsourcing team, is given below. Let’s take a look.


  • Selecting the Right Agency

 Finding the right agency and then analyzing the details with them is very crucial. As there are several things that are quite important and should be considered while looking for the correct outsourcing company such as: Will they provide a project manager? What will be the budget? Is app maintenance required? And much more based on your requirements.

As you pick your best option, you will next need to start with your communication details.


  • Preparations:

 In this step, you will figure and finalize all the details which need to be done according to the release of your product. Questions such as: Should the application be an Android app? Or it can be an iOS app? Or maybe a hybrid application? These questions should be immediately solved in this step.


Also, the development time is very important and should be set upon. Setting certain deadlines is always a good idea as it is better to set up the functionalities and their complexities, having them tested and notified at a certain time period to avoid any glitch in the future.


Suppose, if your app was assumed to have push notifications then definitely it will need more time for coding, in such cases having a certain deadline, from the start makes things better.


  • Building the App:

 The actual development starts from this step. This mainly varies and depends on the project that includes backend programming or frontend programming, UI and UX design, and mainly high-quality assurance. All these stages should be divided into smaller steps for effective results so that all the parts of the code work properly without any bugs or glitch.


  • Implementation:

 This is the step where the final product or app is completely ready with all the functions working properly without any issues and is ready to be released.


  • Maintenance:

 Most of the time, after release there is always something that needs to be changed or fixed. At times these issues are found by the users, even after the testing where no signs found to be rectified, but as said the human factor is always the final trial.


Many a time, projects do require a further extension, so after the implementing step, there might be an immediate need to start working on such issues and solve them. Development companies usually do offer post-project support, so your options are always open.


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