Off road teardrop camper Australia

Posted by larkpeyton on August 27th, 2021

Off road teardrop camper Australia

We offer you the best Off Road Teardrop Camper For Sale in the Australia. Shop our latest Camper trailers at Our teardrop camper which can be easily towed by smal lcars.

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For the 4WD owner or the more adventurous 4WD families, the Off Road Teardrop Camper will suit your needs with a high clearance. Light tare wight of 680 kg with a max load of 1000 kg and fully braked. You will be able to tow the off road teardrop caravan into remote areas with ease, where larger caravans will not be able to.

With the purpose built standard crash bars, protection to the underside, extra underfloor storage, plus the upgraded Off road camper trailer chassis towing will be easy. The inbuilt German braking system for extra safety and no need to add electric brakes to your 4WD.


We are a small family owned business, proud to represent Caretta Teardrop Camper Trailers in Queenland. It started when we were researching for the ideal quick getaway set up that could be for 1 night or a few weeks during school holidays. OUr list of must haves, needed to be small, light to tow, light tow ball weight, easy to hook up, mechanical brakes, easy to move around, comfortable to sleep in, easy to get into and out off ( wide doors) due to injuries & can sleep 2 + a child.

We had looked at campervans, caravans, tent trailers and tents. We did not have the room for parking caravan at home and did not want to pay for separate storage. Plus the cost of caravans & campervans was so much. We looked a tent set ups but the hassle was too much with packing, unpacking and sleeping on the ground with multiple spinal injuries.

Getting into and out of a small camper trailer with injuries, we looked a few teardrop campers and found they all had small standard door widths, which it made it hard to get into an out of with injuries, until we found the Caretta teardrop camper. The doors were extra wide Jumbo doors. Awesome we though, plus reading all the standard features, braked trailer, light, easy to put into garage can be pushed by wife, plus we did not have to upgrade our small car, we only need to add a towbar. (If you car can tow 750kg braked – look at the max towing capacity if 750kg or more you are all good)

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