How Can I Find a Logo Embroidery Digitizing Service for the Left Chest or Cap?

Posted by Daniel Kate on August 27th, 2021

A logo is the heart of a company in identifying one’s brand. Branding plays a vital role in every business such that their logo is used on properties like the Employees’ T-shirts, Caps, Bags, and other products. When others notice these products, they could identify their company with the logo and keep on reminding them about them, thus improving their business.

To get a logo digitizing service on the left chest or caps, first, you must find the best custom embroidery digitizing service provider around you. You can check online and find the best embroidery digitizing service, provider. Some digitizing companies like BitsnPixs Technologies Pvt Ltd., Designsin24, etc., support online 24*7 with a short turnaround time. Both digitizing for caps and T-shirts, logo can be done by the same digitizer. However, digitization done for caps cannot be helpful for a T-shirt because of the following issues.

-Stitching Area: The Stitching area for the Left Chest on the T-shirt will vary from the stitching area of Cap. At the maximum, generally, a hat frame will measure 2.5’’, which is comparatively tiny.

-Fabric Type: There are many tricks and tips to be followed for perfect embroidery digitizing where the type of fabric plays a significant role. Each type of fabric will require different fill stitch length, border stitches, the density of stitches.

-Stitching Style: For caps, the stitching style is from the center out & bottom-up so that it does not pucker on the seam.

-Surface: The embroidery surface of the caps is curved, while for the T-shirts, it is a flat surface. The logo digitizing done for a flat surface will not suit a curved surface.

Even on a flat surface, logo digitizing for a left chest Polo T-Shirt will not suit a leather Jacket or a Golf towel. So, for every product and based on its material, logo digitizing varies with the stitching types and other criteria like underlay, density, push and pull compensation, border stitch, fill stitch length, etc. However, a logo digitizing done on a nylon jacket might work well on a cap. So, sometimes this kind of cross-function may work well, which you can find by experimenting on it.

Once after getting enough experience, you can identify just by looking if the embroidery on one cloth could match another material. So, digitizing a logo familiar for T-shirts and Caps will not always be possible if you expect a perfect sew-out. Logo Digitizers are aware of the variations in fabric varieties, and they design the logo strictly for the fabric you request for which can be embroidered over it perfectly.

For a fresh, quick, attractive, and experienced logo digitizing, embroidery digitizing contact BitsnPixs at or directly mail your requirement to You can also reach them over the telephone at +1 (631) 353 4291.

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