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Posted by HelenaNelson on August 28th, 2021

Today when we travel by car seat belts is important to keep you safe and to drive safely. Same like Aviation seats belts are more important for safety as when Aircraft, Aeroplan take off on Runway the speed if more than Car which we cannot imagine and it takes off. So, seat belts are more to keep passengers, cabin crew, and pilots.

ABI Aircrafts Belts INC for us safety is more important than any other thing to deliver beyond the highest quality products for your safety on time and budget. Most well-known for its aviation passenger seatbelts. It is the best and first only company to have a seatbelt airbag system installed worldwide on both commercial and general aviation aircraft.

When you are traveling with a child in flight it is very difficult to handle them and it is risky also for them to seat without seatbelts. Aviation restraints are important as we cannot carry everywhere car seat so in-flight for child so they can travel happily.

Aviation restraints are the reason the body keeps moving forward until the slack is taken up. At some point, your body must abruptly stop to catch up with the airplane. In other words, the restraints system should be adjusted as tight as possible within reasonable comfort levels. The goal is to minimize potential injuries.

ABI Team ensure your safety our all team are well educated and professional development for our team members. We provide in house training such as

v Quality Principles

v Teamwork

vProcess Management

vProblem Identification & Assessment

v Solution Identification

v Implementation

v Continuous Improvement

Our employees can partner with our customers to provide the best service and meet the clients demands.

We have specially designed Child Safety Restraints or child seats to protect infants and children below 12 years old during a collision or even from sudden stops by restraining their movement away from the vehicle structure and distributing the forces of a crash over the strongest part of their bodies.

ABI Aircraft manufacturing from original equipment installation of the crew and passenger restraints. We have custom design belts as shapes, sizes, colors, and technical needs of your aircraft. Every belt is certified to FAA TSO and followed FAA procedure and standards.

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