4 tips for unwanted hair removal for men

Posted by Aaeesha on April 21st, 2016

These days’ men are equally conscious about fashion, beauty, and style. If you look at the increasing number of unisex beauty parlors in many cities, you will know that men are also spending a lot of time and money on beautifying themselves. The current trend leans towards a suave and sophisticated look. So, most men are using hair removers for getting a clean look. The popular methods for removal of unwanted hair are:


It is one of the oldest methods used for removing unwanted hair. Earlier men used to use this method to remove facial hair. However, these days’ many men shave off chest, arms or leg hair using a razor. This hair remover for men has been used for centuries. The older models of razors were heavier and required expertise for use. The newer models are lightweight and designed to slide over the contours of the skin without causing many nicks and cuts.


Ouch! This method for unwanted hair removal for men can be very painful. But, the results are better and long lasting. If you keep waxing, then over a period of time the growth of unwanted body hair is slowly reduced. This is because, unlike shaving, waxing removes the body hair from the roots. That’s why it is so painful. Now, men can imagine the pain a woman goes through to get the smooth satin soft skin.

 Hair creams

If you don’t want to go for painful waxing sessions or if you don’t have time for shaving, then you can go for hair creams. The market is flooded with various types of hair removal creams. You just have to apply the cream over the area where you want to remove unwanted hair. Let it soak for some time, and then gently remove it using the provided spatula. You can do the entire task in just about ten to fifteen minutes.

 Laser therapy

Men who are looking for a permanent solution for hair removal can go for laser treatment. In this method, a beam of high-intensity light is targeted onto the particular area. The laser light kills the hair follicles causing the hair to fall. As the hair is removed from the root, the chances of hair regrowth are very less. Another advantage of using this technique is that hair can be removed from a particular area without affecting the nearby areas. Plus, the laser light can be focused on very small areas too, to ensure complete hair removal. However, you should go to a reputed skin clinic to get the laser treatment for unwanted hair removal for men.

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