Recycled Paper Insulation for your home

Posted by Daniel Wass on August 29th, 2021

The recycled paper can be said as the environment friendly product that is really good for the renovation as well as newly constructed homes.  The recycled paper insulation material   also known the newsprint insulation or cellulose insulation is a green option for insulating your house perfectly.

How paper insulation in construction works?

Entirely made up of shredded newsprints, the material is then treated with the borate additive which mainly act as the fire-retardant as well as pest & mold resistant. As compared to other different insulation types, the paper insulation in construction   is competitive because of its R-value which is 3.6/inch. For the attic & walls insulation, it is treated as better option.

The process of installing the paper insulation

Before going further with the insulation process, you need to make sure that you seal all the cracks &holes in order to minimize the dust in your living space while working in the remodel. You can do it by yourself or can help of any professional, but it is better advised to wear a mask/respirator for any construction work. With the help of blowers insulation can be performed in which bales of the cellulose are perfectly loaded into the hopper & then blown through the hose to a desired location.

At the time of blowing cellulose into the wall cavities for your existing house through Paper electrical insulation, holes must be drilled through to the cavity walls and siding must be removed at some strategic locations. If you have done with the insulation, then holes are sealed & filled and at the end siding will be reinstalled. In case, it is not possible for you to remove the siding, then it is necessary for you complete the insulation process inside.

Settling in wall cavities is reduced to a minimum since the insulation is blown in under pressure to ensure the cavity and all crevices are filled tightly. After the installation process, with the help of infrared scanning, you need to check the walls to be assured about filling of cavities.

What need to be cared?

About us:- The attic insulation is entirely straightforward with paper insulation material to fill the cellulose loosely up-to the desired depth with recommended R-value.  For the most of the cases, the insulation material is sprayed dry but for applying in wet surfaces for certain applications, Paper insulation tape can be used to give much required adhesion to the surface.

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