5 Ways to Make Sure That You Chose the Right Mother of the Bride Outfits

Posted by Sarah Addyson on August 29th, 2021


Wedding venues and mother of the bride outfits are two of the most important things one needs to deal with when planning a wedding. And, although it might seem like there is no connection between the two, most wedding planners and designers will show you there is. Outfits, especially the ones worn at a special event, have to be in tone with the overall style of the event. Yes, you can always go for a counter-current look, and come in tuxedo to a barn wedding, but for those who want a more traditional approach, syncing the two elements together is very important.

How Do Wedding Venues Influence Outfits?

When planning any wedding, the venue is one of the most important things the couple have to choose. It has to be special for the couple and also be memorable for everyone that\\'s going to be there. But there are a lot of things besides the way the venue looks that have to be taken into account for a memorable wedding. Luxurious or quaint, new or old, venues have to be carefully picked out in order to provide the perfect backdrop for a very special day.

For instance, some wedding venues  might be attractive for couples, but a bit off-putting for the other wedding guests. Nonconventional weddings might take place in repurposed barns or remodelled houses in the country side. Yes, they have a certain picturesque attraction to them, but not everybody might be so enthusiastic about the idea. Some wedding guests might find a wedding in the country a bit too \\"rural\\" for their taste. Also, they might have difficulties in enjoying themselves and being prepared for the big day.

Although modern weddings don\\'t necessarily have this rule anymore, wedding venues each come with their own dress style. Yes, there is such a thing as overdressed when going to a wedding, and yes, you should always try to look your best for a special occasion like this one. But finding a balance between these two might be a little problematic for many people. For example, how can one be chic at an outdoor marquee wedding? Or how can one be comfortable but still elegant for a wedding that takes place in a castle? Well, it isn\\'t easy.

There are a few ways of making sure that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion, without having to rack your brains:

1. Make sure you read the wedding invitation carefully. In order to avoid any fashion faux pas, couples usually let their wedding party know what kind of attire they expect them to wear. If nothing is mentioned, you can simply ask when RSVP-ing. There\\'s no shame in making sure that you don\\'t end up in \\'smart casual\\' at a black-tie event.

2. Do some research on the venue, once you know it. It pays to know where you\\'re going and what is expected of you. Many wedding venues even have extensive photo galleries online, so that you can see how other people dressed and what kind of events they host which is very useful.

3. When in doubt, go for style and comfort. Stilettos and cufflinks can make quite an impact, but one should always remember that a wedding isn\\'t just some random 2-hour event. Parties tend to go well into the night and at some point, one might feel some discomfort. One solution is to pack multiple outfits. That way you can change into something more suited for the occasion, once the formal part of the day is over. Another way to go is picking something that, although might not be as glamorous as that cute designer dress you never get to wear, will certainly make you feel more relaxed and at ease.

How to Choose the Right Mother of the Bride Outfits?


As opposed to most of the other wedding guests, the mother of the bride doesn\\'t really have the luxury of letting her hair down once the \\"I do\\'s\\" have been exchanged. She has to be a host, an entertainer, a supervisor and a beacon of elegance all through the party. That means that the  mother of the bride outfits  she chooses have to be perfect and allow her to move freely, while still making her look fabulous.

But there are a few \\"guidelines\\" to choosing these outfits:

1. Although the mother of the bride is a very important person in the whole event, the mother of the bride outfits should never outshine the brides. Firstly, no mother would steal the focus of her own daughter on such a special day. Secondly, the mother of the bride has her own aura of more matriarchal glamour going on that she has to maintain.

1. Accessories are important but never go overboard. Most mother of the bride outfits need a few accessories in order to make them look complete. But anybody looking for such accessories should understand that they should never be flashier than the dress itself. Accessories are like the icing on any cake: it is there to make the cake whole, but it does not replace the cake.

2. Just like brides\\' dresses, mother of the bride outfits change from one season to the other. When looking for such an outfit, any mother of the bride should take some time and flip through a magazine or at least take a peek online to see what the current fashion is. Of course, every woman can choose to wear the dress that she likes the most, but a little help now and again doesn\\'t hurt.

3. Have multiple outfits. Because being the mother of the bride can take its toll on anyone, multiple mother of the bride outfits are something quite common today. As the evening progresses, the mother of the bride has to look her best along with her daughter and son-in-law. Also, some women might feel the need to change into something more comfortable and appropriate for each moment of the day.

4. Make sure that the outfit \\"goes\\" with the wedding venue and theme. This isn\\'t necessarily a strict rule, but most people like to coordinate their outfits with the venue and the theme of the wedding they are attending. You always have the option of going with something timeless and elegant, like an ivory dress or a beige two-piece suite, but being the mother of the bride you can also send a strong message by matching your outfit with the colour scheme of the event and the venue.

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