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Posted by Staunton Castle on August 29th, 2021

When I want to refresh my mind by playing some mind games, chess has always been my priority. To do well in a chess game, you should know rules, an active mind, and have a perfect chess board set. A chessboard is the type of game board used for chess, on which the chess pawns and pieces are placed. Classic wooden chess set is one of the best sets to enjoy these games.

There is a tradition to use a hand-carved wooden chess set from the times of kings. Not only in ancient times, but wood is also used to manufacture more than 80 percent of today\'s chessboard. In most international-level chess games a hand carved wooden chess set is used. Some of the most useful woods used to make these chess sets are Sheesham, Walnut, Ebony, and Mahogany.

Classic Wooden Chess Set
In wooden chess sets, the classic wooden chess set is one of the essential chess sets. In FIDE competitions wooden chess boards are allowed and approved to be used; the classic wooden chess set has been handcrafted and hand-finished. In these chess boards, for both boxes, black and white, different types of wood are used to make chess boards . Let’s take an example, Sheesham is used to make white boxes, and walnut is used to make black boxes.
These different types of wood give a natural look to chess boards and make them more robust than the other chessboards. There are a lot of classic wooden chess sets available in the market.
Benefits Of Using Wooden Chess Sets
For the international or continental championships, FIDE\'s regulations state that wooden boards should be used by the players. There are some reasons to use wooden chess boards in these championships. Handmade wooden chess sets are given to enjoy this game elegantly. First of all, wooden chess boards were used from ancient times, or easily we understand it is a tradition to use wooden chess boards, especially hand-carved wooden chess sets like classic wooden chess sets. It\'s all because these have had a positive impact on our minds.
Some of the benefits of playing chess with these wooden chess sets like they can help calm a player under some pressure situations; it can build your confidence and concentration, giving you a broad aspect to your mind to think about the situations as well as it gives you mental stability. Thus, when planning to buy a chess set, prefer wooden ones.

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