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Posted by Nazmul Islam on August 30th, 2021

Two hundred years ago a company called Inaba was founded. The company was founded by a fisherman who fished tuna, and he supplied goods to families living in the area. The name of the jelly will be Menashe Batito, hence the name of the company.

At first the business was active in the supply of seafood and fish, but over the years the activity expanded and reached the field of pet food. The company later developed and developed a cat food brand called Inaba CIAO.

Since then

Over the years, the company has taken many steps, developed and advanced with the existing trends in the world, and today it is considered as a premium company that leads in the niche of canned food products for cats. The company invests heavily in creating excellent recipes at a high level of quality without compromise.

It is updated with all current technologies and integrates them into the development and production process. It’s no surprise that the company’s products are in demand in many countries and are recognized as the greatest and most beloved product for cats.

Food ingredients

The Inaba company includes tuna fish in cat food that is extracted from deep water, and it should also be noted that the company complies with the law and is not involved in fishing for endangered fish species. We will further mention that the products do not have dolphins. In addition to tuna, the company also has chicken in its diet.

The company is careful to select only chickens that have received natural nutrition. In addition to the essential ingredients contained in the products, it is noteworthy that they do not contain preservatives, food coloring or grains. Data that explains the high level of quality of food.

Factory and quality

Inaba owns innovative and well-equipped factories, which are overseen by the FDA. So the level of production is much higher and there is regular monitoring of the production process.

In addition, the company emphasizes product packaging from a special material that prevents the entry of oxygen. Which prevents corrosion of food and protects the composition and many health benefits that are characterized by the company\'s products.

Choose the best cat for you ???? ?????

In fact, the company\'s products are characterized by many advantages, which is why many cat breeders in different countries of the world and in Israel prefer to purchase Inba products.

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