Five Benefits of Web-based Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems

Posted by Tom Eric on April 21st, 2016

If you are a supply chain manager in a company offering products that need stable temperature and humidity, you must know the importance of temperature and humidity monitoring systems. In the absence of reliable monitoring systems, there will be lots of damages in your warehouse and storage facility. This article has been written to provide an overview of web-based temperature and humidity monitoring system and its applications.

Before the inception of a web-based monitoring system, it was really difficult and challenging to ensure proper monitoring of a warehouse. As a warehouse has a large space, it needs resources to keep tabs on a monitoring system. But things have become quite easier after the arrival of web-based temperature and humidity monitoring systems.

There are two ways employed to install a monitoring system in a warehouse: one is wireless sensor and another is wired sensor systems. Though wireless systems appear to be an attractive option because of low installation costs and flexibility, they face interference and signal blockage issues. And not to forget, wireless systems need a battery change frequently. Therefore, in a long run, wireless sensors are not an ideal choice. But wired sensor systems also pose some serious issues such as physical damage to the wire. The best system is the combination of wireless and wired sensors. So if you are thinking about getting temperature and humidity monitoring systems in your new warehouse or replacing the existing monitoring system, you should look for a company that offers a mix of wireless and wired sensors to meet your needs and budgetary restraints. Also, you must choose a web-based monitoring solution for the facility. Here are some main benefits of choosing a web-based solution:
1- A web-based solution offers a flexibility to access the system from anywhere
2- It can handle thousands of monitoring points & hundreds of users remote monitoring wherever a LAN/Internet connection exists
3- A web-based system can send alerts via text message, pager, voice telephone, and email
4- A web-based temperature and monitoring systems come with interactive trend charts and data analysis tool
5- A web-based monitoring system of a reputed company offers unlimited user-configurable reports with language localization.

A web-based temperature and humidity monitoring system is ideal for many applications, including manufacturing, laboratory, distribution, cleanroom, repository etc. When it comes to choosing a company for web-based monitoring systems, you should always go with a leading company that has years of experience. Also, read reviews and testimonials about the company you are going to consider.

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