Top Benefits of IoT Based Smart Agriculture System

Posted by UbiBot on August 30th, 2021

Initially, the agriculture sector was not smart and was using old technology in the farming process. So, most of the tasks were carried out manually. The farming processes were time-consuming and tiresome. But thanks to the new age technology, now the agriculture sector is employing IoT based smart agriculture systems and thus simplifying the day-to-day operation. The IoT based systems are immensely helpful for farmers and business owners. 

Some of the top benefits of IoT based smart agriculture systems are:

Increase Efficiency 

Today, there is also competition in the agriculture industry. Farmers have to work hard to increase production. They have to grow more crops in the deteriorating soil and increasing weather changes. IoT based system helps the farmer to monitor the condition of the crops in real-time. They can see the ongoing activities and can decide at the appropriate time to avoid any issues in the future. IoT solutions also add automation to the process which makes it easier for the farmer to do their job.

Reduced Resources

 A few decades before, various farming processes are carried by the farmers themselves. But with the introduction to IoT based solutions, there are now free from many tasks. A plethora of IoT solutions is designed to optimize the use of resources like land, water, and energy. The data obtained from sensors are very helpful to the farmers. They can allocate just enough resources to one plant.

Clean Process

IoT based solution not only helps in precision farming but also helps to reduce the usage of water and energy. It also minimizes the use of pesticides and fertilizer and thus making farming greener. The use of IoT in agriculture allows getting more organic products than conventional farming. 

Increase Productivity and Product Quality

IoT based agriculture helps in the growth of better products. Now, with smart farming, farmers can understand the linkage between the environmental condition and the quality of crops. Using various sensing technology, they can collect various data and can act accordingly to increase productivity. Remote Temperature Monitoring Via Internet is also helpful for the farmers as they can monitor changes in the temperature.

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