The Rise of Natural Gas

Posted by rlnenergyservices on April 21st, 2016

Industrial generators have been a necessary part of our society for many years, but they are not without their pain points. They are expensive to run, excessively bulky and pour out gaseous chemicals, all of which are dangerous to humans and harmful to the environment.

However, thanks to newer natural gas generators, these problems may decrease within the next few years. The Caterpillar Natural Gas Engine is an industrial generator that uses natural gas for fuel. It is cheaper and healthier than diesel generators or any others, helping to cut costs while running at very efficient levels.

Natural gas prices are one of the generator's main selling points. Natural gas is significantly cheaper than other alternatives, and can cut costs by a large amount. The prices of other forms of fuel are varied and unstable, constantly fluctuating, costing businesses more money than they should. Natural gas prices are consistently lower than other types, costing about half the price of electricity and oil. This automatic excess easily pays for the generator's cost itself and improves income. With the rocky state of most other gas types, natural gas also offers a reliability and assurance that the prices will stay constant and abundant.

Sulfur, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are all dangerous pollutants produced by normal diesel generators. They pose many health risks, bring company morals into question by hurting the environment and costing even more money on PR to counter the “polluter” image. Sulfur and nitrogen are known for causing emphysema and bronchitis, and can even aggravate existing heart disease. High levels of carbon dioxide can produce symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, asphyxia, convulsions and even comas. Other generators produce heavy levels of these pollutants, while natural gas is considered one of the cleanest-burning fuels, producing far less chemicals and pollutants.

Natural gas generators are smaller than most other generators, taking up less space. Fuel storage is unneeded, further simplifying the power generation process and freeing up more room to be used for more important things. They are quieter and have no smell because of their low levels of sulfur and they create no waste or residue to deal with.

Natural gas generators are a game changer in commercial energy production, solving many of the problems that have plagued generators for years. With it's cheap resources and safer emissions, the Caterpillar Natural Gas Engine will enhance a company's efficiency and give more room in its budget.

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