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In the pharma industry, there\\\'s no margin for error. Whether it be the research, product development, product manufacturing or packaging process, the highest levels of precision, hygiene and quality are mandatory. Stringent GMP, FDA and other compliances have to be met.

Choosing new pharmaceutical packaging machines can be a confusing, stressful experience. There are so many manufacturers, suppliers and equipment models to choose from, and the cost implications can be huge. Here are some points to keep in mind when selecting your pharma packaging machinery.

1. Output capacity

Output capacity depends on the speed of your machine. Depending on your output requirement, choose a packaging machine that can deliver as per specifications. A machine that runs too fast or too slow can be problematic for your operators.

2. Digital capabilities

The pharma industry runs on the power of information technology and automation. A machine with advanced digital capabilities increases efficiency and enhances ease of use. From touch screens and all-access control to IoT compatible systems - pharma equipment with these capabilities will make your processes more productive, accurate and manageable.

3. Cleaning ease

Cleaning is an essential component of any manufacturing process but it shouldn\\\'t be complicated or involve huge amounts of downtime. Look for a machine that offers easy disconnect features. It will make cleaning faster, easier, and less stressful for your operators.

4. Production scale

Research industry requirements will naturally differ from those of industrial scale production lines. Machines can be of lab-scale and commercial-scale, so being clear about what type of equipment you need will make your selection easier and more effective.

5. Ease of operation

While modern machines are fully automatic, human intervention cannot be completely ruled out. Man-machine interaction still prevails, so you need a machine or pharma packagingline that is easy to understand and operate. Your equipment shouldn\\\'t be so simple as to miss out the latest innovations or technical features, nor should it be too complex to handle. With proper training, your operators should be able to efficiently manage day-to-day operations of the system.

6. Helpful, reliable supplier

Pharmaceutical machinery is a substantial investment, so find a supplier who deals in reputed brands and proven models. Your supplier should also have the knowhow, skills and experience to deliver and service high quality automatic packaging machines. Above all, your supplier should understand your industry needs and criteria, and patiently guide you through the best options.


Nichrome is the pioneer and leading provider of integrated packaging solutions in India. It has joined hands with global players to bring to India a comprehensive, state-of-the-art range of cost-effective, high-quality filling lines and primary packaging systems for pharmaceutical products.

Strengthened by its own wealth of diversified knowhow and expertise in packaging, Nichrome offers the advantage of pooled expertise, delivering top-quality, technologically advanced solutions spanning the entire value chain of filling and packaging lines for pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical powder packing machines, liquid filling machines, sachet filling machines– Nichrome offers a wide range of automatic packaging machines for the pharma industry. It also offers blister packaginglines capsules, tablets, pills and other pharma/cosmetic products besides solutions for processes such as Granulation, Tablet Compression, Coating, Counting and Filling, Printing, Inspection, Bulk packaging, Labelling and Cartoning.

Integrated solutions include:

  • Counting and Feeding systems for tablets/capsules that cover bottle filling & capping, labelling, dessicant & leaflet insertion.
  • Injection Automation line for ampoules/vials that cover washing, drying & sterilising, filling and rubber stoppering, and AL-cap sealing.

If you’re considering pharma packaging machine India, contact Nichrome. For 4 broad categories of pharmaceutical products, namely Oral Solid Dosage, Oral Liquid Dosage, Ophthalmic & ENT, and Injectibles (Vials/Ampoules and Pre-filled Syringes) - Nichrome offers advanced technology from international majors, backed by their own expertise, industry knowledge and strong nation-wide sales and service network. Can you ask for anything more?

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