5 Smart Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos and Grow Viewer Base

Posted by Video Ipsum on August 31st, 2021

Nothing other than composing a user-friendly video can upgrade the rank of your brand in the search engine. However, gaining a good subscriber base on YouTube is not everyone\'s cup of tea. Therefore, if you are willing to make your videos rank on popular search engines, then you have to follow certain rules. Consulting with professional youtube video promoters can help you with proper SEO guidelines. 

Why making YouTube videos is effective? 

If you check the algorithm, you will find out that 95 out of 100 users watch YouTube videos daily. Being the second largest search engine, YouTube has acquired good users base during the past few decades. Approximately, 1B hours are being watched on this video streaming site. Therefore, if you make an efficient team of video creation and marketing, you will surely excel in your field. Hiring those professionals can effectively promote your YouTube videos and let you gain more subscribers within hours.

Top tips to promote your videos:

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you cater to your targeted audiences. So, let\'s take a tour of the points below -

  • Compelling titles: 

No matter how interesting your video is unless you compose a compelling title for the users, they are not going to click on it. Find out the right keywords online that can help you with clickbait. Engage the keyword both in the title and description part of the video. It allows the watchers to know what they can expect from your videos.

Supposedly, you are creating videos for hip hop music, then make a title describing \"check how new hip-hop music style has overwhelmed the mind\"

  • A perfect thumbnail can do wonders!

To make your youtube videos more recognizable, it is imperative to create an effective thumbnail. Make sure that the thumbnail is relevant to the content of your video and also matches with the title. Understand what is your video about and who are the targeted audiences. Tell a story using your thumbnail so that the users can find it interesting and engaging. 

Standard size: 1280×720 or 1920×1080 is the standard size of a thumbnail. A smaller one may look blurry.

Quality: Of course, it should be of high quality

Image format: It should be PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, or TIF. 

Ratio: Make sure that the video maker is using a 16:9 ratio as it works the best.

Emotions: Including emotions can attract more audiences as it looks funky and exciting.  

  • Make it short but useful:

Sketch out a draft of what do you want to show to your customers. No one is going to stand a long time at your channel. So, keep the video short, maybe a maximum of 5 minutes. But it should include all the messages that you want to deliver.

  • Ask your followers to subscribe and share:

At the end of your video, do not forget to ask the audience to share and subscribe to your channel. An in-person request can do wonders rather than writing it in the description part of the video. The more share your videos will get, the sooner your channel will be tagged as a brand.  

  • Work with other YouTubers:

To create a huge fan base, it is important to collaborate with other YouTubers. You should promote their channels and ask them the same in favor. It will spread the word like fire on social platforms and will allow you to enjoy a faster promotion.

Apart from these tips, don\'t forget to hire a professional who can guide you all through the process and help you receive fame within a short period.

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