Gang members reportedly beaten up by six females reported to be Rich Money Model

Posted by David Brian on August 31st, 2021


(President Cess of Rich Money Models)

The Rich Money Models may be a bunch of beautiful models from urban cities united by a central cause of beauty and womens liberties, sexual empowerment and freedoms. It would be nice if that was the only cause uniting them. Apparently they are united by another force...violence and crime!


Police reports from Los Angeles city reported that 2 victims, that survived a gang beating which caused significant injuries, were beat up by six females reported to be Rich Money Models.

Witnesses said the fight started when one of the 2 victims were reportedly \"eyeballing” a group of girls practicing their catwalk.

In another incident, there was a robbery at a high profile Versace store in midtown Manhattan New York , where 500,000$ worth of merchandise was stolen by 10 very attractive provocatively dressed women, who investigators suspect were Rich Money Models. Allegedly the models pulled up in 5 separate cars, jumping out and rushing the store, taking whatever their hearts desired.

Witnesses reported that the male employees of the store where turned to \"stone\" as they didn\'t even so much as try to stop the girls (who were unarmed) , or call 911 till hours after the fact, with one employee even giving his number to one of the sexy bandits, in an effort to set up a later date.

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