Lesser-known Facts about Using Bleach as a Disinfectant

Posted by rima chauhan on September 1st, 2021

Spring cleaning is the one thing that people are quite familiar with. It\'s time to bring out Lysol and bleach and throw open your windows to erase the grime and dirt that has accumulated during colder months. Bleach or sodium hypochlorite compounds are antimicrobial agents that are put on objects and places for destroying the microorganisms living on them. But do you know enough about the bleach that you have been using for so long? Probably not! So, let’s get you informed more about this sodium hypochlorite solution.

Bleach is supposed to work as a disinfectant only on hard surfaces. The idea or claim that it can remove harmful viruses and bacteria from porous surfaces like a piece of fabric or carpet is entirely wrong. The fact that some laundry detergents have started adding Lysol and sodium hypochlorite to the product suggests the effectiveness of the product against germs and bacteria. As a whitening agent or an all-purpose cleaner, bleach can be used both in laundry and on household surfaces. Since bleach is not intended to be used as a pesticide, in this case, it does not need approval from EPA. These products are effective in keeping your house clean and free from bacteria and viruses.

Though bleach can effectively work against mildew, manufacturers do not recommend using sodium hypochlorite solution in case of mold. Speaking of the manufacturers of that chemical, one of the leading names in the industry that comes to mind is Aditya Birla Group of Companies. The company is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, including hypochlorite, peroxides, epoxy, and more. The products of the company find their place in countries far and wide and are useful in the production of a wide range of goods and cleaning agents.

Even though the Aditya Birla group is known as a major supplier of top-notch quality chemicals, they can\'t be of any help if you fail to follow the directions written on the labels. Bleaches have specific conditions to be met for them to be effective in their work. Chemicals like bleach and ammonia are not be mixed with any other cleaners because that might lead to serious injuries. Moreover, bleach needs to get diluted in the right amount for it to be completely efficient. It is not like we can pour bleach straight up on a surface and expect it to work.

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