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Posted by Danyking on April 22nd, 2016

Predictions came true. A new trailer for Warcraft has been released. It is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated feature film of 2016. Have you seen it? How do you feel? Excited or disappointed? It seems that Warcraft movie gets a sick dubstep soundtrack in the second trailer. Have you ever not fully indulged in game because of lack of gold? As the best WOW gold site 2016, Safewow provides cheap gold in WOW.

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Preview of this movie

This film is set to bring the fantasy world of Azeroth to stunning life in the depiction of an epic war between humans and orcs. The first shot of this trailer shows a statue of Medivh in Stormwind. A picture from the set of Stormwind is presented. And people theorize correctly that the statue belongs to Medivh. Then some dialogue can be heard. And later there is a shot from Queen Taria, who seems to be involved in the political affairs of the kingdom of Stormwind. Besides, there is Garona, Anduin Lothar getting thrust by Blackhand and Durotan going full rage mode at Gul’dan. In addition, a company of Dwarves can be seen with presumably King Magni Bronzebeard among them.

A sick soundtrack is included in Warcraft trailer 2. What is more suitable?

Some people disapprove of the soundtrack, which is “The Day is My Enemy” by The Prodigy. It is exactly the same song played during the fourth TV spot of the movie, which was released less than a month ago. They think Prodigy doesn’t come to mind when people think about a high fantasy world. It is definitely unexpected for a movie of this genre. Players wonder why they didn’t make their own movie for it. Some players even recommend music pieces. For example, Arthas, My Son and Invincible are suitable for the genre of the movie. They are absolutely superb, spectacular even.

Players’ reactions towards Warcraft trailer 2

It is basically all about the film’s wild visuals, backed up by a thumping electronic soundtrack. The second half of this trailer is slot after slot of special effects showing how grand the scale of the movie is. What is interesting to players is seeing how the heavily animated orc world interacts with the human world. Right now, the humans seem to have a more natural look, while the orcs speak more to the property’s video game roots.

Warcraft will open in US theaters on June 10th, 2016. Let’s see whether Warcraft will surprise everyone when it finally premieres around the world and fans of the outstanding MMORPG from Blizzard will march in droves to see the cinematic offering from Jones and Legendary Pictures. If you are looking for the cheapest WOW gold 2016, Safewow is your first and best choice. We provide 7% off for cheap WOW gold for sale by discount code “WOW7L”. Have fun!

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