Top Reasons to Use Focus Group Transcription

Posted by SpectraScribe on September 2nd, 2021

In order to stay competitive, companies are increasingly using focus groups for their business needs. Focus groups aim to get as much information from the participants as possible, and thus allow multiple respondents to voice their ideas in a dynamic and interactive setting. Not only does it helps businesses acquire reliable and accurate data through direct interaction with people, but also allows them to make proactive decisions to ensure long term growth and success.

While focus groups make an efficient solution to get first-hand data, they bring unique data collection challenges for businesses. In order to help, businesses overcome these challenges effectively; many companies are now offering focus group transcription services. These services have made the acquisition of data quite efficient and convenient. Let’s have a look at why you should hire a professional transcription service for your business needs.

Effective Management of Data

Focus groups comprise multiple participants. When these respondents participate actively, it may cause a lot of noise, which may make the recorded files undecipherable for an unprofessional transcriptionist. Therefore, it is important to get assistance from an expert transcriptionist who can convert the audio files into equivalent text document, leaving the segments that can be considered as noise. Using the discernment approach, the transcriptionist can efficiently highlight the most significant contributions from the participants and converts them into a decipherable written form.

Also, the transcriptionist makes mention of the noisy opinions by including them in brackets within the text copy. This helps the analysts to get the data in its true essence to let them use their own judgment to decide which data should be used for decision making.

Cost Efficiency

Focus group transcription service offers cost efficiency in various ways. Firstly, it saves you from hiring and maintaining a full-time transcription staff to carry out transcription tasks for focus group meetings and discussions. Besides this, it helps you get high quality transcripts at economical rates. Moreover, the accuracy and quality offered by professional transcriptionists allow you to prevent various costly errors and resulting financial losses.

Impartiality and Objectivity

When focus group transcription is performed by an outsourced company, it eliminates the chances of biased results. As the transcriptionist does not belong to the company conducting the focus group meeting or discussion, the transcription is not influenced by a certain way of thinking or any participant. This may help the company conduct more reliable studies, leading to better and more informed decisions.

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