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Are you searching for an English Teaching Program? Register now for the highly sought-after Online English Language Teaching Program to improve your professional skills.

1 Year Post Graduate Diploma English Language Teaching

The Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (PGD EnglishLT) is intended to assist prospective teachers in acquiring the necessary pedagogical knowledge and skills in order to teach English at school in both the public and private sector. This programme teaches English language teaching skills so that future teachers have a solid understanding of their role in education.

Students are continually assessed throughout the semesters. This includes quizzes and presentations, class tests and assignments, as well as mid-term and final examinations.

Students must complete teaching practice during their degree program. The Teaching Practice component of the degree programme is 4 credit hours. The Teaching Practice requires that you complete a portfolio, and then sit through a viva.

School Leadership and Management

Ali Institute of Education offers courses in Educational Leadership and Management. We offer a framework and tools for school leadership and management that teachers can use.

ELM Diploma 1 Year

Candidates who want to work in the administrative wing at educational institutions are eligible for the Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in ELM. This course is a valuable support for visionary administrators and teachers who have a deep understanding of learning.

Teacher Training Program

Are you searching for teacher training programs? Register now for the best online teaching course to improve your professional skills.


Teaching is a rewarding and challenging profession. Teachers play an important role in helping students acquire the skills and knowledge they need for their future.

AIE offers world-class postgraduate education as well as continuing professional development via flexible, part-time workshops and courses. This will give you and your company a competitive edge.

Ali Institute of Education provides professional training to help them adapt to a constantly changing teaching environment. Teachers face new challenges every day and require support, insight, or creative ideas to help them deal with these situations. Our programs are practical and hands-on. AIE is a hub for professional development opportunities for in-service teachers. A wide range of programmes are offered for teachers, teacher educators and head teachers.

We are proud to work with all prestigious institutions in Pakistan. AIE proudly has trained 10,624 teachers since its inception. They are currently working as teacher educators, head teachers and educational leaders, curriculum planners, policy makers, curriculum planners, and other practitioners at various prestigious schools, including Aitchison College.

AIE offers short-term, non-accredited courses that range from

One day up to three months in duration

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