Why do you need an Udhar Khata App? Benefits Of simple Ledger in Udhar Khata App

Posted by digichal on September 2nd, 2021

ng business and financial transactions using the old-school way of diary khata can be very challenging. Surprisingly even in Digital India many small and medium-sized businesses still use diaries or register to keep khata book udhar. Any credit transaction or any debit transaction is being done manually in a diary or register.

The reason behind this is their lack of awareness about the technology. They are afraid that it might take a lot of money or investment to get a digital platform to create their own udhar jama register online. However, with the khata book app, it takes seconds to record your transactions. All they need is a smartphone; which all of them already have. They simply need to download the app and it will help them in so many ways in their business.


Let us share how the Udhar khata app helps in business.



  • Manage your transactions in a better way
    Any business will have many transactions every day. Making entries in a register and then shuffling through pages to find out how much we have to pay and how much someone owes us is a tedious task. By creating a digital khata you can store all your transactions in one place and access them anytime.


  • Easier to set a budget and monitor it
    Once the transactions are entered into an app, it is easier to know how much revenue has been generated through the business. That helps in setting a budget and control any extra expenses.


  • Creating goodwill for the business
    Once you start using the khata book app, you can not only keep your transactions in one place you can also create professional invoices and hand them over to the customers. Professional invoices always give a positive impression on customers and vendors.


  • Safe and time-saving
    Digital Khata book app is a savior. It saves time and money. The time you spend on making manual entries can be spent on growing the business.


  • Easy for debit as well as credit transactions
    It is very easy to use. You can enter all your transactions and generate reports. You can generate your own simple ledger.
There are various accounts that need to be maintained in business. Cash account when you are using cash in hand, liabilities accounts when you take a credit against your purchases, debtors account when you give credit to the customers, and many more. At the end of every year, every business wants to know where they stand. A simple ledger is the summary of all these transactions.

Benefits of Simple Ledger in Udhar Khata App

Keeping a digital khata helps you generate your simple ledger in seconds. Here are some of the benefits of simple Ledger in Udhar Khata App
  1. One document for all the transactions.
  2. You can generate it for any given period of time.
  3. You can check the details of any transaction that you want.
  4. You can make balance sheets and match them with the transactions.
  5. Helps you to report your tax.
  6. And because you can report your own tax, you don’t need to pay any chartered accountant.
Many SMEs are still not able to switch from diary khatato digital khata. Because they think it’s not for them. But the fact is it makes their life easier. Digichal app helps to create records of all the financial transactions in one click and helps to generate reports that help them in planning a better future for their business. Good personal financial management will help you avoid making costly errors.

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