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Posted by UMZ Technologies LLP on September 4th, 2021

Logo designing has gotten its popularity to create brand awareness among users and non-users. This is a robust graphical representation of your brand, which gives a long-lasting impression on viewers. Logo design services have gained popularity for the last quite some decades. Every graphic designer applies their creativity and approach to logo development. If you are eager to know how the logo is designed and how you can create a unique logo for your company, it is high time to learn some features before planning a logo for your brand! 


Evaluate the brand with service

This will be the initial stage of your logo designing. In this initial step, you must understand what the brand wants and what the service goals are. During the client discovery stage, you must ask questions on brands, brand history, and story behind the business. Initial information will always work while designing a logo for a particular brand. 

Meanwhile, it is better to state that there are no exact design rules because it depends on your creative sense and aesthetic mind. You must check the overview of the company and provide the best design sample. A logo design won’t be practical for business if it doesn’t carry the first impression your client aims for.         

The key of this initial stage is to gather all the information in your designing brief. But there are some clients you will find who can’t articulate their requirements and don’t even know what they want- in those cases. It is entirely the designer’s responsibility to see the brand’s history and motto and draw the appropriate informative graphical image for that brand.  

Nowadays, clients demand some quirky, swanky type logo that will be eye-catching and mind-blowing for viewers. Most of the detailed and well-defined briefs will lead you in a deeper explanation of the brand, and you can then only deliver an awesome logo when you get into the brand’s motto and other factors. So, how can you deal with those clients who are not aware of their requirements- you can make some queries to start your client research: 

  • What problems are you trying to solve by your design?

  • What is the type of brand or service? 

  • How would you describe the brand? (sharp, catchy, formal, classy, funky)  

  • If the brand were people- what are those describing words you may choose for it? (clever, naïve, soft) 

  • What kind of brief is essential for the brand?

  • Which values are going to represent?   

  • Who are the other competitors of the brand?

  • How does the client want to communicate with their consumers via brand? 

  • How do you want your clients to describe your brand to their people? 

These are not typical designing queries and sounds more like branding questions. 

Don’t forget logos are an integral part of branding too. So, knowing all these answers will pay you later. Evaluating a brand is the first step of branding and also designing the logo process. You need to ask your client’s attributes precisely so that designers get a good idea about identity before they start designing parts.            

After taking notes from the clients- you should start your free-associating thoughts to capture the primary information according to keywords and phrases.   

Market survey is essential

Every new business follows its standardized and top-ranked brands, and every company has its competitors in its field. No brand exists without a market survey. This is called the brand discovery phase, where the designer must discover the other brands and their logo design. Market survey is essential because you should know the other brand’s logos and how they become famous as a designer! In this second part, you will learn about the difference between a generic logo and one which is not so formally designed.  

Logo design process depends on the competitors of the field. 

 But, what would you gather from other logos in your fields? 

  • What techniques for designing logo is popular in your industry? 

  • Which brand uses what colors to promote a particular launch? 

  • What colors and shapes should you choose for your industry logo?

  • What logo technique is primitive for the industry? Or which logo technique should you avoid for your enterprise?

  • What logo designs are cliched in the industry (your client might want something unique) 

  • Which logo techniques and designs are ignored, which can be a good inspiration for you!    

  • What kind of clients control the industry, or who are your competitors or target?   

Just for an example, most of the logos in the technology industry use the color blue. With this information, what can you do? 

You can also use blue according to the industry which works best. 

Use another color to make the company unconventional. 

There is no exact formula of designing a logo, and you can experiment with your design. Make sure your experiment should go with your client’s criteria and company. This is all part of branding strategy. 

List down where the logo is going to be used  

After planning the brand strategy- the physical space and digital appearance come second because design choices may differ. This stage is called application discovery place means- where your logo will be the showcase. So, you should get a list for this phase. Where you need your logo will control many things like colors, shapes, and logo designing software.  

Suppose, if you want your logo on giant posters or billboards- your design should focus on the detailed and extensive. If you\'re making a logo for mobile apps- then, it needs a smaller scale and minimalism.

If you want to promote your brand on social media- then, the logo should be placed on the social media profile in adaptable size and shape without breaking the image. 

If you intend to promote your brand on television or any YouTube channel, you can use the logo with animation design and also use graphics designing. So, you need to change your logo design software every time, and it depends on the fields.     

Let’s see the possible places where the logo can be used: 

  • As your official website icon  

  • Company’s sign and banner

  • Product labeling and packaging

  • Online and offline Advertisements   

  • On all social media profiles and promotional banners 

  • Company’s business card

  • Email marketing and campaigning 

  • Letterheads like invoices, internal documentations    

  • Promotional purposes are printing on pens, mugs, shirts, caps, etc.   

So, you must consider the logo’s shape and how it will fit into the perfect place. Some spots and places need a more comprehensive place like invoices, whereas some areas require more minor spots like trademark or watermark of the brand.   

Based on popularity, you don’t have to limit making the standard design for a company. The hack is to make sure that various versions of the logo should feel alike. Multiple logos are confusing, and new clients can’t recognize a brand with slightly different logos.     

Keep sketch out of logo concepts

If you already have some logo designs on your mind- you might be excited to make it live and jump into logo designing software. But before using the logo design software- you may take a pencil and sketch out more designs related to various brands and companies. You may be thinking, why sketching? 

Because you don’t require any paid software to practice making logos. It is cheap, short and easy. Sketching is one of the primitive ways of practicing drawing. Sketch anytime and anywhere and about anything.

 As a beginner- you need to practice sketching in various industries like restaurant, IT and website development companies, fashion and clothing, education and business, etc. So, pick any subject and sketch out a logo just for fun.

 It will nurture your creative mind with different elements. Most crucially- when you sketch, you will get to know what works the best and what designs don’t even work. You can also figure out your most vital point of sketching and explore various other methods that will make your strategy effective and more unique. 

Enhance your technical knowledge

Logo making needs creativity and technical skills because you have to sketch a number of times and then use it in digital media. This is where your logo will get the final shape.   

So, suppose you are a business owner and want to hire a logo design company in Kolkata. In that case, you can find professional logo designers, and you can specify the logo design software.  

You can also hire a freelancer logo designer if you are at your initial stage. The logo design is not an area where a business should compromise, and frequent changing the logo can be a sign of the company\'s impulsiveness. There are various free downloadable software available online- you can start from those but at an advanced stage- you should use authentic and payable software.  


Final thoughts 

The logo is not just a design or representation of your brand- it is beyond that! If you are interested in designing your business logo from a designer- you should hire a professional company with an experienced logo designing team.     

To get a professional yet eye-catching logo for your company- you should consult a logo design company in Kolkata like UMZ technologies, where your dream logo is waiting for you.

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