FAQ on website designing and developing: A brief guideline for online start-ups

Posted by UMZ Technologies LLP on September 4th, 2021

With the inevitable change in the eCommerce world, the typical consumers are all digital-based. Every intelligent buyer would interact with you via your website so that this first interaction will make your first impression. That’s the way designing and developing your website is a crucial factor. To get professional advice from the experts- you must choose a well-reputed website design company in Kolkata. 

Without a smart-looking website- your entrepreneurial business or brand won’t generate potential leads. When embarking on a website, it must resemble your new business goal, brand identity, and objectives. 


As an entrepreneur, you may wonder- does a start-up really need a website? Many new business enthusiasts may prefer other ways like online apps and social media- that’s not wrong; they may have a different strategy as their business planning. 

To gain your potential client\'s trust in this digital marketing era, you must own your official business website. 

Many entrepreneurs overthink before launching their websites whereas, many business people don’t get potential clients despite having a website. You may have common queries on this issue too. Let’s know all the answers regarding start-up websites and development. 

Query: 1. How much time does it take to create and develop a website?

Creating and developing a website can be a lengthy process, and it entirely depends on the professionals and experts. From customizing the designing part to developing a website- making a fully functional website takes planning, implementing, and creativity. It needs creativity with technicality. 

If you want a website at a basic level- it takes around four weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the reworks you need. The next part is to develop a website after designing. This phase needs additional five weeks or so, depending on the number of web pages, products, services, and functionality requirements.  

So, if you are looking to hire a top web design company in Kolkata- make sure you know the approximate delivery date of your creating and launching website.         

Query: 2. What would be the initial investment for the website?

There is no exact charge for creating and developing a website- it is hard to guess the actual price of creating and developing a website. Many website companies will provide you with various packages like the initial package, where you get only three main pages with designs.

The next one is the advanced website which is a whole package of all pages, and the last one is to create and develop the website. These are some basic packages you may get from a professional website design company in Kolkata.   

Apart from the quotes- other influential factors may increase or decrease the cost of creating a website, like the sudden crisis in the e-commerce sector, pandemic, recession, etc. 

Query: 3 How does a professional team create a website?

Creating and then developing a website is a long-term project basically handled by some explicit professional teams—the first task is to design all the templates of the website. If the client has some requirements for designing, it should be known by the team\'s website and graphic designers. Then, the sketch will be done and checked by the clients. If the initial design is suitable to them then, the following pages would be designed uniformly. Meanwhile, the team manager should deliver the work update on time.  


Query 4: What are the technologies to support?  

Most of the website companies have specialized IT teams, including coders, graphic designers, and developers. There are some standard interfaces like XHTML, XML, PHP, and DHTML, and others for designing. For backend coding, there is another programming language like CSS. Always choose a company that uses modern technology and tools to deliver the best website for you! 

Query 5: will the client see the progress?

Yes! If you have hired a website design company in Kolkata- they will notify you about the work process. Most professional companies build a website on their development server and provide the username and password to their clients to log in and review the work process of the site.

During this development phase, developers prefer and encourage client’s feedback and note down all the details to redesign and edit the design. 

There may be a lot to change, and the editor may be the client has a restless mind- for this reason, the team lead will always ask for suggestions or feedback from the client’s side. 

Once the client’s site is ready and provided by the confirmation, developers make it live on the client’s server with a specific URL to the search engines.   

Query: 6 What are the other additional services to dig into after website development?

Absolutely! Except for web designing and developing- there is a lot of functionality to work on. If you want to promote your brand- you should choose a marketing strategy. There is a lot to discover and improve after making a website. 

To make your website updated- you must take help from the CMS team. Good content is needed to make your website consistent and updated. So, you need to hire a content management team who will provide you content—making content is not enough if you don’t have an SEO and SMO team. With the website designing and development, you will get email accounts related to your website, monthly traffic reports, and basic search engine optimization.          

Query: 7 which one is better- custom design or attractive template?

Most of the companies don\'t recommend templates, but it depends on the client’s required design. If the templates are appropriate according to design- then, templates are good.

`If the clients must have a website to launch within a few days, or if your client has a limited budget for the website, then a template is suitable as a short-term solution. 

Most templates are not as helpful as it looks like! The usability is not that updated according to the search engine.

The purpose of the design is to fulfill the client\'s requirement, and it also should easily index the website. If none of this purpose is being solved, then there is no need to use templates. 

Templates are kind of static, and they are not easily modified. So, if your client needs design modifications, it\'s essential to understand that they should considerably raise the total project cost.

Online templates are readily available online, but those are easily purchased. So, they are used thousands of times by the top website designing companies. Better not to suggest templates for scheduling.   

Query: 8 What is the purpose of hiring CMS? 

CMS or content management system is equally vital after developing the website. The client should choose a good content management team to keep their business website updated. The content management team writers will make more productive and creative write-ups like onsite blogs, articles, press releases, etc. The visitors will come to visit your website and see the recent blogs.

Query 9: What are the common mistakes an entrepreneur makes? 

  • Many budding entrepreneurs don’t have any idea about the website and digital marketing. Getting the correct information from the top website design company in Kolkata will lead them into an enlightened path to profit by doing online business. 

  • Not choosing the well-reputed website design company to convey the requirement regarding designing and developing.

  • Not convey the accurate design of a website and business-related services and products. 

  • Not creating a logo when the logo is now one of the essential infographics of a company.

  • Hiring non-professional or freelancers for website designing and other web-related services. 

  • Not taking website designing seriously- whereas websites are the authentic trademark in digital marketing.

  • Lightly taking social media marketing whereas social media marketing has a tremendous success rate.

  • Last but not least- choosing the right social media platform according to business welfare. 

Query 10: how does social media marketing help a new business? 

Answer 10: As social media marketing is the highest number of users worldwide, it is the best and easiest idea to make a strong client base on social media. Every social media has its marketing strategy like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. All social media differs from one another. While choosing the social media platform- one must know the basic strategy and usage of that platform.

For example, if you are promoting a handmade soap- you can use Facebook or Instagram. But if your business is related to service, you should look into other platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.          

Query 11: Should a new business start promoting through Facebook?

Answer 11: Yes! Facebook can be the best platform for brand awareness. But, again, it depends on your services. If you have a service-related business- then, promoting a business on Facebook could be difficult. Promoting brands on Facebook is the quickest option. Consulting with the best professional gives you the best results. 


Before hiring any website design company in Kolkata- make sure you are well-aware of the website designing and developing industry and how it works for you! It will give you a brief idea about the sector, which will help you understand your profit and additional facilities.

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