Troubleshooting Tips For Acorn Stairlift Repair In Gaithersburg and Hagerstown,

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on September 4th, 2021

Individuals who experience problems moving around may try to retain their independence by installing a stairlift within the home. There is absolutely no reason to have a sprawling house with huge space to ensure swift installation and full functionality. Instead, one can safely add it to a modest-sized home or even install the device on the external wall with passages leading inside. Unfortunately, as with all mechanical devices, a stairlift is subject to wear & tear too. It is essential to maintain the lift properly, but care must be taken for Acorn stairlift repair in Gaithersburg and Hagerstown, MD, without wasting time.

A branded stair lift is pretty durable with very few reasons for complaint. The user may be able to check the diagnostic unit and discover the root cause of the problem with the help of error codes and blinking lights. Many of the consumers are older adults who are not tech-savvy and cannot decipher the reason for the fault. No worries! One may try to remedy the situation by placing a call o the manufacturer or the dealer.

Some of the problematic reasons that are sure to make the end-user anxious include:

· Outlet- The stairlift may be unplugged from the socket with the user forgetting all about it. This is likely to stop the lift from moving on the rails and may perpetuate panic. There is no reason to pay a service fee for such a tiny fix, however. The service provider would be glad to do it for the aged individual.

· Beeps- A beeping noise is likely to trigger a sense of alarm in the user. Not all sounds are caused for the same reason. The technicians have traced the root of the problem to the battery or the carbon dioxide detector. Replacing or charging the batteries fully will fix the issue. It would be wise for the user to check the source of the beep. An unusual sound coming from within the stairlift is a cause for concern and may require repairs. A simple trick to employ here is to note the type of beeps. A singular beep indicates an obstruction in the swivel seat controls or the arm and footrests. Continuous beeps are a sign of insufficient charging of the batteries.

· Lights- It is most important to check the color of the indicator lights when something is amiss. It is customary for a couple of lights to be on at any given time. A static red light indicates that the AC light is on, whereas a flashing red light points to defective batteries. There is no reason to be perturbed when the yellow light is on, however. It is a sign of the batteries charging in the background. A bright green light is a sign of everything being hunky-dory.

It helps to go through the user manual provided to the customer purchasing a quality stairlift in Rockville and Upper Marlboro, MD.

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