Importance Of Sterling Stairlift Repair In Philadelphia And Doylestown, PA

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on September 4th, 2021

Stairlifts are being increasingly used to meet various challenges related to mobility. An elderly homeowner finds it beneficial to access all parts of the home with equal ease. The hard work required to climb up and down a flight of stairs is reduced considerably, ensuring the health and wellness of the user. Even a branded product needs to be cleaned with Handicare stairlift maintenance in Wayne and Philadelphia, PA being initiated at the earliest. True, this particular brand is reliable, with instances of slippage and fall being eliminated. Still, the user would have to maintain it flawlessly to keep it fully functional for years at a stretch.

A stairlift is expensive, but the consumer can always justify the expense by taking care of the mechanical device in the following manner:-


The track should be checked regularly to ensure that there is no debris or dust. An unclean track is likely to stall the smooth operation of the lift. It is therefore essential to check it daily for signs of obstructions. Homes with young kids and pets are more likely to face this problem.

Regular Maintenance Tips

· Unplugging - It would be foolhardy to unplug the device after it is installed and operational. Cleaning it thoroughly does not necessitate removing it from the plug. Doing it contrary to advice may damage the batteries.

· Lubrication- Keeping the tracks lubricated regularly is likely to keep the lift moving smoothly. It is essential to utilize a quality lubricant sourced from a Handicare stairlift dealer or manufacturer. Oiling the tracks daily is not required, however. One can keep it smooth and free-flowing by lubricating it at least once in three months.

· Regular Usage- Sure, one needs to go up and down every day, primarily when certain rooms /areas are not used regularly. It is advisable to operate it at least twice or thrice each week without glitches restricting normal movement. Furthermore, one must keep it parked at the correct position, whether at the top or bottom of the staircase, so there is no stress on the unit.

· Screws & Bolts- The user must make sure to check every bolt along with screws to find out whether they are tight. Any loose parts must be tightened at once. It is advisable to contact a professional for assistance if required.

· Moving Parts- One must view the stairlift closely every single day to ensure flawless operation. Apart from noticing the loose or too tight parts, any unusual sounds must be noted, with the root cause being addressed ASAP. Running it to be assured of a flawless operation is most important as well.

Despite proper maintenance, the best stairlifts may develop problems over a period. Experts recommend getting in touch with a seasoned technician for Sterling stairlift repair in Philadelphia and Doylestown, PA, at the earliest to fix it. 

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