Question #2. Do you have a Runescape

Posted by FryeJacob on September 6th, 2021

I find that when I\'ve not been mining for OSRS gold a long time (because I was working on one of my other skills), that the first few rocks I mine are extremely slow. Then after the initial handful of rocks, I am back to collecting ores at the normal speed... The same process applies to cutting wood. The initial few logs require a lengthy time to collect, however, once I\'ve got them and they are in my possession, the speed at which they are obtained is back to the normal.

Question #1) Has anybody else observed the same phenomenon? If you don\'t practice an ability for a few months, your character becomes \"rusty\" at it. However, once you get the first few logs or ores and your speed is back to normal.

Question #2. Do you have a Runescape \"rusty abilities\" subprogram? If you don\'t possess a skill to train, your character may struggle to learn it for a brief period of buy RuneScape Mobile gold time before the resource gathering rate increases. This is determined only by your skills and the pickaxe/hatchet that you employ.

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