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Computer programmers must convert statements from one form to another. Programmers use programming languages to convert ideas into solutions. Both jobs require a thorough understanding of rules. The translator must know the rules of the languages being translated, whereas the programmer must know the structure and standards of computer language. Hence, unless a programmer adheres completely to the grammar of a programming language, even down to the correct punctuation, the computer will be unable to executive the instructions.


Programming language is a set of specialized notation for communicating with computer. They provide facilities to translate interpret and execute a computer program.

There are 5 main categories of programming language. These are:

-machine language: this consists of binary digits of ones and zeros. It is the actual language a computer understands since the systems circuitry can interpret and execute the generated codes directly during processing.


-low level language: these are English like mnemonic language. It is a symbolic language. It is a language in which symbols and numerals codes represent machine operations and operands.


-high level language: they can be divided into 2 categories which are procedure oriented languages and problem oriented languages. They are similar to most human languages; examples are FORTRAN, BASIC, and COBOL.


-Fourth generation language: they include a whole range of languages including query language and decision support tools. They are English type words or statements which is much less dependent on the environment.


-Fifth generation language: they languages associated with artificial intelligence and expert systems. It is different in structure and usage. These differences includes functional and logic programming languages.



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