Virtual Corporate Wellness in COVID

Posted by Aarti Shah on September 6th, 2021

It’s been a year and a half since the spread of Covid-19 and we all are adjusting to this new life which encompasses online work hours to shopping and so on. Wellness – both physical and mental are of utmost importance during these challenging times. Corporate wellness programs are focusing more on the health of their employees today as employee health is directly linked to productivity.

More and more of technology-based health solutions are being offered to the employees in the following ways:

  1. Online diet consultations: The right foods can boost immunity and also heal. Diet consultations for the employees and their families help them eat healthy for strong immunity and also manage health conditions. This also includes teaching the families to read food labels to be able to select the right food products, holding food demonstrations for easy recipes for the family and how to inculcate the right eating habits in children.
  2. Group fitness sessions: Most people during the pandemic went totally off exercise. Some reasons listed were lack of time and no motivation. To ensure an increase in productivity at workplace, being physically fit is just as important for an employee. Live group online fitness classes can ensure people remain fit without having to visit the gym. Fitness sessions with yoga stretches can be a great way to reduce the aches and pains associated with being seated for long hours. Recorded sessions can be available for on demand viewing.
  3. Meditation sessions: Mental health is just as important for the employees. Working from home has its own challenges as people are overloaded with office work as well as work on the home front.  Offering online live meditation sessions help keep them relaxed and focused on work thus increasing productivity.

Innovative wellness programs incorporate various team challenges like total steps challenge, weight loss challenge, healthy eating challenge, smoking cessation to increase employee motivation and participation. Regular webinars on various health topics can counsel employees on ways to lead fuller and healthier lives.

Wellness programs work best with experts from their respective fields. Getting a best online nutritionist can help manage the nutrition aspect of the wellness program. Offering virtual wellness to the employees will only help in empowering the employees to cope with the challenges of the current situation by managing their health in a better manner.

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