SUMIFS Function In Excel: Dissect Business Data

Posted by Wilbur Omar Chua on September 6th, 2021

What is SUMIFS Function in Excel? For financial datasets, the SUM Function and the SUMIF Function in Excel is usually enough to process information and give you a detailed analysis. There are times, though, where these functions lack the “juice” to compute for information you need as there are more conditions set. So in this case, we use the SUMIFS Function in Excel to sum cells based on meeting the different and multiple criteria being required.

In the article provided, we will show you what SUMIFS function in Excel is and how this can help you understand your business better. We also use the SUMIFS function in Excel to go around the limitations provided by the normal SUMIF Function. Just to note, the SUMIFS Google Sheets formula is the same as the SUMIFS in Excel we use in our day-to-day Analysis. Both do the same thing and are handy for your day-to-day analysis needs.

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