Some Best Ways To Avoid Accessibility Lawsuits For Your Website

Posted by Mike on September 7th, 2021

Many people are unable to get access to websites because of accessibility issues on daily basis. If someone is not able to use your website, it will cause a website accessibility lawsuit for your company.

To overcome this issue, certain guidelines have emerged, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This law was passed in the US to take care of the rights of disabled people. According to ADA website guidelines, all people having any sort of disabilities have the right to get equal opportunities to participate in different programs, seek information, and express themselves.

If you have a website or want to create a new one, you should consult a certified Web Designer Dubai to make your website accessible for all. Moreover, in this article, we will discuss some best ways to avoid accessibility lawsuits for your website. But first, learn why web accessibility is important for your website?

Why Is Web Accessibility Important?

Website accessibility means that every type of people whether having a stable or unstable mental or physical condition can access the website easily. For example, it must be possible for visually impaired people to buy tickets, use any app, and get other online services. 

For online businesses that do not pay much attention to web accessibility, there are chances of facing an ADA lawsuit. If this happens, it will affect your business badly. Let\'s have a look at some of the easy ways to avoid accessibility issues for your website. 

  1. Additional Text Is A Good Idea:

Many websites, especially eCommerce websites use maximum images as compared to text in their content. We can’t deny the importance of visuals, but they must not take the place of text. Many impaired people are there who use screen readers to read the text on your website.

If your website does not have enough text, it will create problems for such people. Therefore, the easy way to increase your website\'s accessibility is to use basic text as many screen readers and other supportive tools can interpret plain text and read it out to visually impaired people. 

  1. Use Larger Transcription And Video Captioning:

Another way to avoid accessibility issues is to use transcriptions on any audio content. Thus, the hearing-impaired people can understand what you are trying to say. Also, adding captions to your videos is a great way to interact with your website for those who can’t hear.

Many people who are not hearing-impaired use to watch videos with the sound off. So, adopting this feature is helpful for every type of user. 

  1. Design A Comprehensive Customer Experience:

The user experience is an essential factor for keeping users hooked to your website. The same is the case with website accessibility because if the user does not find your site appealing, they will not stay.

To avoid ADA lawsuits, you must check the total record of the current user experience. You must think from the viewpoint of the disabled users so that you could be able to design according to their needs.

  1. Use The Right Color Theme:

The color, layout, and overall theme of your website also contribute to web accessibility. According to a study, 1 in every 200 women and 1 in every 12 men suffer from color blindness.

You must design the layout of your website accordingly. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of potential customers. To increase web accessibility, try using colors from opposite ends of the color wheel. It will create a greater contrast that will be helpful for color blinded users as well.

Winding Up!

Nowadays, online users are more sharp and mindful. This is why you can’t work with poor web accessibility. You must need to work hard to make your website more accessible. If you fail to do so, you will probably face the ADA title III lawsuit. But, you can follow the best ways mentioned above to avoid accessibility issues on your website. Nevertheless, if you seek professional guidance in this regard, you can contact a Skillful Web Designer Saad Ashraf.

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