Alfa Chemistry Offers Chlorinated Phenol and Resin Acids Standards for Environme

Posted by Tylor on September 7th, 2021

Actively involved with environmental protection, Alfa Chemistry have been providing a wide range of environmental goods standards for scientists and researchers. Earlier this month, the company announces to enrich its supply by adding chlorinated phenol and resin acid standards, which can be used in the analysis of pulp and paper products and effluents.

Residues of chlorophenols have been found worldwide in soil, water and air samples, in food products, and even in human and animal tissues and body fluids. These chlorinated phenol compounds may act as promoters or cocarcinogens as the immune system is particularly sensitive to their toxic effects. Resin acids are organic wood extractives, which significantly contributes to an increase in the toxicity level of pulp and paper industry effluents. And once entering open ecosystems, resin acids will accumulate and exert toxic effects on living organisms, which ultimately leads to the ecological imbalance.

In the past decades, researchers have undertaken many studies, trying to develop highly effective procedures of resin acid removal from pulp and paper effluents so as to decrease the risk brought about by resin acids. Production and use of chlorinated phenols in fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides have caused industrial hygiene problems, modern analytical techniques and reagents are hence needed to investigate the ubiquitous occurrence of chlorophenols in the environment. “This is exactly why our management decides to put more efforts and contribute more to the great cause of environmental protection research. Our chlorinated phenol and resin acid standards and reagents are of unparalleled quality and are very helpful to scientists’ analytical research work,” says a spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry.

The Chlorinated Phenol and Resin Acid Standards Offered by Alfa Chemistry include but not limited to:

Isopimaric (CAS 5835-26-7), o-methylpodocarpic (CAS 10037-26-0), tetrachlorocatechol (CAS 1198-55-6), 7-oxodehydroabietic acid (CAS 18684-55-4), 8-abietenic CAS (19402-28-9), 4,5,6-trichloroguaiacol (CAS 2668-24-8), dihydroisopimaric (CAS 5673-36-9), levopimaric (CAS 79-54-9), chlorodehydroabietic (CAS 65310-45-4), dichlorodehydroabietic (CAS 65281-77-8), 3,5-dichlorocatechol (CAS 13673-92-2), 6-chlorovanillin (CAS 18268-76-3), 4,5-dichloroguaiacol (CAS 2460-49-3), trichlorosyringol (CAS 2539-26-6), dichlorodehydroabietic (CAS 65281-77-8), levopimaric (CAS 79-54-9) and many more.

All products at Alfa Chemistry are strictly QC assessed so that high quality is guaranteed. Technique documents such as COA are also provided.  For more information about chlorinated phenol and resin acid standards or any other type of chemicals at Alfa Chemistry, please visit the website

About Alfa Chemistry

Owing to the tremendous efforts made in the past few decades, Alfa Chemistry has now successfully established itself as a reliable partner for both industrial and academic institutions by supplying a comprehensive collection of chemicals such as catalysts, reagents, polymers and materials.

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