How to Select the Kennel from the Best Kennel Manufacturer

Posted by jfab67 on April 22nd, 2016

 Picking the right dog kennel is not an easy job. But, today, with the availability of many quality manufacturers of kennel, you are at least getting kennels of various sizes and designs. If you have picked the best kennel manufacturer, then you will get the products at reasonable prices. They will make certain the kennels manufactured by them are world-class by the use of the best materials. As such, their kennels are durable and long lasting. It means that the buyer doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance of the kennel. Moreover, their dog kennel systems have multi-purpose use. It means you can use these kennel systems for both commercial and domestic purpose.

When you contact a company to buy the kennel, you will have to choose from the two main types:

  1. Modular kennels
  2. Self-assembled kennels

Modular kennels or mobile kennels are specifically manufactured for domestic use. These are composed of stainless steel and one can easily assemble its modular panels. It consists of sliding doors to establish a balance between the different adjoining panels. As all the parts are removable and mobile, one can also use it as easy transport cages. These kennels have prefabricated panels of gate, doors, and walls. The buyers have to assemble the panels and fastened them in the desired configuration. However, these kinds of kennels are expandable and hence, you can easily enlarge it to accommodate more than one dog.

Self-assembled kennels, on the other hand, includes a number of chain link kennels. The renowned kennel manufacturers get the frame. After that, they stretch it to the maximum so as to fit the link of the chain to the assembled frame. It can’t be done by a single person and calls for the assistance of two or more people. As the chain links are composed of soft metals, any aggressive dog can easily break it by chewing. Though a lot of improvements have been made in this field like the introduction of the modular panels, yet the self-assembled kennels are still making the use of the chain links.

As the demand for modular kennels are increasing, the manufacturers of the dog kennel systems are giving more effort in building these kennel types. The ability of these kennels to accommodate violent and big-sized dogs has made it most preferable option. You can know the efficiency of the kennels just by looking at its gauge number. As for instance, the kennel having a gauge number 10 is weaker than a kennel having a gauge number 7. You should always shop for those kennels which are composed of strong materials especially if your dog is aggressive and big.

Many communities put a restriction on the type of kennel to be used in that locality. In that situation, you have to consult with the manufacturer to stay away from future complications. Contact a reputed manufacturer of kennel to buy the best kennel for your pet.

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