Questionability of Maintenance of Hygiene

Posted by Trust care on September 7th, 2021

Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune is a start towards an addiction free environment; however, nobody talks about the after experience. Several families and their loved ones struggle to find a path towards light. Going from a lifestyle of drug and alcohol towards a recovering path is certainly a long and awakening experience. This tenure mostly revolves around 28-45 days in a residential arena, however if the addict has a very strong addiction the practice and time will certainly increase. These long term sessions at the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune are way too structured and mainly depend on the level of structure in order to become capable for the addict to function in the real world. Thus, to pick the right drug rehab program is extremely important for the addict and for their families.


However, the sincere concern in today’s date lies in the hygienic safety of the patient. As the wrath of the Covid-19 pandemic is still on the move many families are hesitating to send off their loved ones to these Drug Rehabilitation Center in Pune due to the question of hygiene. As this pandemic requires one to be utmost clean, free from any flu or virus, the patients need to be maintained accordingly, having distance among them. There are several centers across Pune offering treatment programs for the people in need with a detailed recovery process. For early sobriety, many centers provide a more intensive and clean treatment approach which is run by only professionals, with most of them having a counseling experience of more than 30 years. Their initial goal is always to help the addict via their true practices, helping them to learn throughout the treatment process and to provide them a safe place to return into their normal life. Some of the individuals also will continue to meet their counselors after completion of their sessions.


Due to the pandemic situation, many centers have introduced 28 days treatment centers for mild patients and for serious ones a 2 year program is the most commonly observed process. Having the support and guidance to build such a foundation is therefore very important. Many centers also offer referrals to inpatient and residential treatment centers in the necessary cases. Understanding addiction and what one individual suffers can be very costly and an overwhelming process.


The medicines and therapies used in the treatment process here, can only be effective if the patient shows an explicit attitude towards putting up with a drastic change in their behavior pattern. Denial of a drug addiction is also a strong problem, drug and alcohol abuse to fall deaf on ears as the addiction strikes hard. Therefore, many Drug Rehabilitation center in Pune also educate their patients about the benefits and harms of their actions, making them realize the consequences and situation. As a society we can do our best to support these people, uplift them, make them realize, and help them with their transition process, working with them as a team.





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