Creating a Cozy Guest Room

Posted by Cate Griffing on September 8th, 2021

A guest room should be a welcoming and comfortable space. It should make your guest feel like it\'s their home away from home. This homey feely can easily be achieved with a few simple tricks.

1. Paint Color

Paint your guest room a neutral paint colors. Something on the warmer side would be ideal. Warm paint colors promote a sense of coziness and comfort, which is exactly what you want your guest to feel. Paint colors like Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist or Benjamin Moore Pale Oak are great warm neutral gray options. I say stick with a neutral on the walls because you can add in color throughout the room with decor and bedding. And those are things that can be easily changed.

2. Blankets 

Always have extra blankets in the guest room. You want to give your guests the option of adding more blankets if necessary. I for one always use extra blankets. It\'s a thoughtful gesture as well.

3. Books /Magazines

Leaves a few books and magazines in the room. Not everyone will go right to sleep. So having some reading material around will allow your guest to stay occupied before going to bed.

4. WiFi Password.

This is a must. Have the wifi password written down or posted somewhere that is easily seen. if your guest happens to have work to do or just wants to scroll on their phone, you want them to be able to use the wifi to do so. You can make a cute poster and frame it. This way it won't get lost and it\'s a part of the decor.

5. Water and snacks

As a huge water drinker, I can never be without it. Nothing is worse than waking up needing a drink of water and not having it at your fingertips. (especially if you and your guest have been (partying the night before). Having water bottles in the guest room is an added convenience for your guest. Snacks are a bonus. Keeping a few small bags of chips, nuts candy, etc. is a great way to make your guest feel like you care.

Like I said guest rooms should be cozy and welcoming and they need to make your guest feel comfortable. These 5 things are a great way to get your guest room ready to go. Trust me your guests will be super appreciative and even may not want to leave.

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