How Airport Taxi Services Maintain Hygiene In This COVID 19 Situation?

Posted by Ron William on September 8th, 2021

It’s very hard for transportation services, especially airport taxi services to maintain hygiene properly. The drivers deal with people coming from different parts of the world and they have frequent contact with hands that can be a life risk. They need to be aware of multiple factors to tackle the deadly virus effectively. By going through this article, you will get to know how the airport taxi in Bristol is following strict coronavirus safety guidelines to maintain proper hygiene that will give you a perfect riding experience in this pandemic situation.

Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette

The airport taxi drivers have installed plexiglasses to create a safe distance with the customers. They also make sure each taxis have alcohol-based napkins and sanitizers. They also will remind you to avoid touching your nose, face, and mouth after you enter the vehicle to ensure maximum safety. The airport taxi drivers use hand sanitizers after they handle money with the passengers. In addition to this, they make sure they post signs for sneeze and cough etiquette and hand sanitizing inside the taxis in a place where the customer can see easily. By following these steps, the airport taxi services are maintaining hygiene in this pandemic situation.

Cleaning and disinfection

With routine cleaning, the Bristol airport taxi services also make sure they disinfect the surfaces that come in frequent contact with hands. Moreover, they follow some cleaning guidelines to maintain proper hygiene during this pandemic. They make sure they clean their vehicles at least once per day, when it gets dirty, and after providing rides to medical patients from the airport to their homes or directly to hospitals. They also disinfect their vehicles completely after transporting passengers who were sneezing and coughing during the transport.

Safety measures during transportation

  • The airport taxi services promote prevention measures to passengers for reducing the risk of contamination through their websites. They also include posters of safety guidelines for this Covid-19 situation inside their vehicles.
  • The airport taxi drivers make use of face coverings and this is a requirement they must fulfill to maintain the safety guidelines created for ride-sharing services.
  • When there are more than two passengers, they make sure they offer large vehicles to maintain the etiquettes linked with proper social distancing.
  • To handle the Covid-19 situation more effectively, the airport taxi drivers make use of vehicle climate control systems and windows to improve air circulation. This is useful to reduce the contaminant build-up.

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