Vitamin C & Drug Recovery

Posted by Trust care on September 8th, 2021

According to many drug rehabilitation centers in Mumbai, it has been stated that drug recovery patients have a low level of Vitamin C which can harm their health and immune system without having any signs of deficiency. According to a study done in December 2011 by the drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai about 74% of the drug recovered patients and about 46% of alcohol recovered patients were found deficient in Vitamin C. There are about more than 55+ drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai. Following are some of the signs indicating low vitamin C.


  • Easy Bruising:

Bruising is one of the most common signs and one of the major signs of lack of Vitamin C. Bruising are the patches that appear on the surface of our skin which is a result of tiny blood vessels or capillaries breaking under the skin. These bruising patches are dark bluish, purple colored, brownish or blackish patches. Because of low Vitamin C, the production of collagen is not adequate which makes the blood vessels under our skin weak which results in rupturing and causing blood to leak which results in bruising on our skin.


  • Poor Bone Health:

Lack of Vitamin C can affect our bones as Vitamin C plays a very important role in the formation of our bones, cartilage present in the bones, and especially the joints which are made of Collagen and Vitamin C and helps in the production of collagen. Therefore a deficiency of Vitamin C can thus result in less filling between the bones and the achy joints which can result in inflammation, swelling and also leads to joint pain. Lack of Vitamin C will also increase the rate of bone loss which can lead to bone fracture, osteoporosis, etc. Thus, consumption of an adequate amount of Vitamin C enables your body to make enough collagen which can result in strong, healthy, and well-formed bones.


  • Poor skin health:

Vitamin C is a very important and extremely normal component that is found at a high level in the dermis and epidermis of our skin. Its antioxidant properties help in the formation of collagen synthesis which makes Vitamin C a very important molecule that helps in the maintenance of good skin. Vitamin C antioxidants protect our skin from free radicals urged by the UV rays. This oxidative damage, therefore, leads to the change of the texture of our skin. Vitamin C also regulates the synthesis of the collagen protein by turning it into fibroblasts which help in the improvement of fine lines and helps in slowly breaking down collagen thus saving the structure of the skin. It lastly decreases our skin from becoming dry and promotes the synthesis of barrier lipids making our skin more young and plumpy.


  • Damaged Hair:

Lack of Vitamin C leads to low production of collagen protein which leads to weakening of hair and also results in hair loss. In some people, lack of Vitamin C leads to quite brittle and uncommon types of hair which can be easily broken because of lack of protein structure. These types of hair strands are more prone to break off. Also, the lack of Vitamin C prevents the hair from growing to be thick, lushy, and healthy.


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