Blade & Soul: HM Draw is Pretty Good

Posted by Ople Asension on April 23rd, 2016

Sunder is completely irrelevant, as is Breeze. HM Draw is pretty good, it nearly doubles the damage of Draw itself as long as you're proccing right(Either the grab one or the KD one work.) but ultimately it's not like... a huge portion of your damage.
On the short term, we're not super reliant on our HMs at all. Spin is extremely useful in pvp and gives us a teeny tiny bit of that party utility we have none of with HM maelstrom.

What DOES matter is HM Scourge-once we can get it it's a pretty large damage bonus for us... But that's not coming the next patch so it's more or less meaningless.

tl;dr: You can manage just fine without for now. Draw is nice, spin is hella(but circumstantial) and Scourge is amazing, but not implemented yet in our version.

Edit: I do want to be clear though that, though -GENERALLY- Sunder and Breeze are useless, it does have a certain place in... certain builds. Breeze itself is really weak overall, but if you're running a full wind build for some reason it... might? Have some merit? The extra speed is good but not anything special, the crit is more or less meaningless since it wears off on successful hit, but the 2 chi regen tree is... Decisively okay for "oh shit" situations. It's not worth wasting the points though unless you're HM 7~8ish though, generally. There are always exceptions.

I can't think of any realistic uses of Sunder. The heal was always too small to be meaningful in any capacity except maybe in mobbing situations whenever I tried it. The only HM tree I could... hypothetically see as useful at all would be the piercing one... but even then it's just a sort of "I really don't care to deal with these asshole AI blade masters normally." sort of deal.
I also want to note that HM grab, though it isn't available yet even in KR, is kind of a total gamechanger for us too, in pve.

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