Advantages Of NCAA Athlete Representation

Posted by athletedefendermia on September 10th, 2021

Earning a place to study in a prestigious college or University is a matter of pride. Unfortunately, not all students are academically inclined and cannot obtain admission in the institutions of choice. Passionate sports lovers and aspirant players often find an alternative to gain admission. They are taken in as student-athletes and required to represent their school on the playing field while maintaining their grades.

Sure, the NCAA is the administrative authority that maintains that it has the best interests of the students at heart. Unfortunately, this is not always true, for there are many instances of violation reported against a hapless student who is at a loss to respond appropriately. This makes NCAA athlete representation necessary right from the time all parties sign the contract.

True, the experienced advocate may not always side with the student-athlete, especially when is there no doubt about violation of rules, but having the right legal representation can help the student to obtain justice in the following areas:

Cancelation/Reduction of Scholarship- The college or school may decide to cut the scholarship amount drastically or stop it altogether at times. This is permitted in exceptional circumstances and is recorded as Bylaw 15 of NCAA regulations. The student-athlete has a right to appeal, however. The school authorities almost always arrange a hearing, and the student may have a legal representative present to help during the procedure.

Transfer- A student-athlete may transfer to another college for convenience. Admittedly, the said student would not want to let go of the financial assistance received for representing the school on the field. A skilled advocate representing the student-athlete can deal with NCAA lawyers and grant permission for transfers for 2-4 qualifiers and on qualifiers. 4-4, 4-2-4, and graduate transfers can be arranged by negotiating with the school authorities. The representative solves any academic issues related to the transfer according to NCAA and institution laws.

Reinstatement- A student-athlete is likely to be declared ineligible after violation of NCAA rules. Both the student and the concerned school may be eager for a reinstatement that follows an organized procedure. The legal representative can assist both the client and the concerned institution in this matter by placing a request or appeal for reinstatement, particularly when the judgment is believed to be too harsh. The legal professional may also consider an extension of eligibility, waivers, place an amateurism certificate that had been submitted before the enrolment.

NCAA has been accused of high-handedness and wronging student-athletes. There have been umpteen instances of NCAA sports litigation heard in the courts as well. The student representative will not ask the athlete r the parents to sue NCAA or the school coach. The lawyer will seek to settle the matter or appeal for justice instead of a legal battle that can affect the young student psychologically and financially.

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